24 March 2012


For several years I have been wishing for a cat. A little cat that could sleep on the couch, who is purring happily when it is getting patted and who would meet us in the door after a long day at work.
Previously, it has been impossible due to all the travelling, but now that we have settled a bit things have changed.

Last Saturday this little lady moved in with us. Her name is Bella and she is a 9 week old seal pointed birman.. She has now been living with us for a week and seems to handle being on her own during work hours. She has just started being outside in the backyard (while we are watching from the stairs).
There are a lot of new things to research.

Isn't she lovely?

Bella is testing the scale. Only 700 gr so far, but sure it will change fast.

11 March 2012

Over the rainbow

It is quite a while ago since I added another commercial to this blog. Previously, I have added commercial from the power company Genesis Energy who is known for their ads with the pukeko birds charming us with their funny little ideas.

This time it is from the New Zealand we like to think we are living in, a bit idyllic with beautiful nature and good people. The musician Tiki Taana has made a remake of "Over the rainbow" song and all the profit is going to Starship Hospital which is a hospital for children and young people....and this ad is also for a power supply company, this time Mercury Energy.

Just beatiful. That's what it is.