21 May 2017

A peaceful Monday...

Hi again!

As you saw in below article, I am having a little break from working.
It has been a long time coming and now was the right time for a change.
It is a little nerve wracking to just leave a permanent job, but sometimes you feel it on your body and mind that it is time. Hopefully something new and exciting will turn up when the time is right.

The first Monday without work, I had a trip to St. Heliers, a lovely seaside suburb of Auckland.
We used to live here many years ago.
It is lovely to sit by the beach, having a coffee and people watching.
A band was playing as well, so a lovely touch to my first day as unemployed.

On my return to the city train station, I decided to walk all the way.
I did not really have the shoes for it and got blisters, but had a beautiful view to Rangitoto Island all the way back to the city. It was all worth it and I want to do it again (next time in sneakers though).

Below picture is from Okahu Bay. There were people out fishing and it looked really peaceful.
Just what I am searching for right now.

Okahu Bay, Auckland

20 May 2017

Still life....


I am still alive, even though I do understand if you were in doubt.

Last article was added in August 2016, a-l-m-o-s-t a year ago!
Since then I have had visitors from home, both a very good friend and previous colleagues.
It is always nice with visitors. After they leave, I always wish they were living her - permanently.

A week ago I left my job. I will have a little break now before I start looking for something new.
There will be a trip home to Norway in June, something I cannot wait for!

I am still creating silver jewellery and will have a little jewellery meeting at Risøbank in Mandal on the 11th June. More info to come on my Facebook page TillaFrost.

If you want to see what type of jewellery will follow me on my trip, please check my Norwegian page here fore more info.

9 August 2016

Waiheke Island - playground of the gods

This is a little greeting to my friend Jette who is soon coming to New Zealand. This is where we are going on one of her first days here.

15 June 2016

There will always be something in blue...

I love to test new colours, but always fall back to the blue.
So I had to create some blue jewellery for you as well.
These two are in Tilla web shop right now.

More Forest Green Jewellery

More Forest Green Jewellery is now added to the web shop.
The square silver pendant left the web shop after just a few days, but a new one is drying in my workshop now.
I am wearing one myself as well and love it! It fits in with so many of my winter outfits.
Hope you like it too.

6 June 2016

Paprika Red Jewellery - hot, hot & hot

I have been testing a new colour this week and I am so happy with it.
As I am not a person using the red colour at all, this one is actually one I could think of wearing.

I have made ear-studs, mix & match earrings, necklaces and bracelets.
Let me know what you think?

More information @ Tilla's web shop.

8 May 2016

925S Sterling silver "Birchwood" ring


This sterling silver ring is sleek and modern and has been handmade using traditional silversmith techniques.
The ring is hammered to create the grain pattern of wood and sand blasted to create a slightly matte finish.

The ring is 5mm wide and can be made to your measures.
For more information, please check Tilla's web shop where you also can make an order.