27 September 2010

Baked to Last Eye Colour from Body Shop

I went to get my monthly refill of Olive Body Butter from Body Shop yesterday and was introduced to the new Baked to Last Eye Colours by a friendly and service minded shop assistant.
What a find. I am always a bit sceptical to too much shimmer on the eyes after the years have gone by, but this one seems to last and doesn't end up like a scary Alice Cooper look-a-like I take this back! The shimmer shadow does actually turn into a sweaty stripe after a long day at work. So be a bit careful where you use it on the eyelid if you have any lines (some call them wrinkles. I like lines better. Even wisdomlines will do). On the other hand, the dark shimmery shadow is excellent as an eyeliner. - And it still doesn't end up like powder on your cheeks either. Bliss.
So many choices, so little time.... Picture from www.bodyshop.no

26 September 2010

If you leave me, can I come too?

...and then my dear husband left to go to the land of the long, white cloud.

Let's hope he will have a good time with family and friends and something positive will come out of this trip.
Won't say anything more.
No jinxes, just hopes.

24 September 2010

Eat, Pray, Love - Max Foundation Movie Event

The movie has been and gone (for this event anyway). I hope you liked it. I did...

For all you lucky women who are in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Hamilton mid October.
Max is arranging a night with a movie, fashion show, nibbles and drinks.
Have fun! Tickets: NZD 45,-.

For more info, read here.

13 September 2010

A trip down memory lane

Last night we went to A-ha's farewell concert. After 25 years as a band it was time to call it a quit.

Their most famous song "Take On Me" ended up as no. 1 on the Billboard chart in the US in 1985. In 1987 they had their first concert in Norway - here in Kristiansand. I guess it must have been a bit strange for the audience that saw them 23 years ago to see them again after all these years.

Magne, Morten and Pål during the concert in Kristiansand. Photo: Kristin Ellefsen

11 September 2010

A wet day....

Not the best weather on a Saturday morning with an outdoor concert coming up in the evening.

This is the view from our terrace today. Wet is the word. Rain gear and wellies - here we come!

Chrysanthemum in full bloom - but wet..