30 April 2010

How to make a kiwi love you

Yesterday evening I was making some foccasia breads and asked my husband if he wanted to have olive or sun dried tomatoes inside them. "Surprise me!" he said - so I made him Vegemite swirls!

Never heard of Vegemite swirls? I am not surprised. I am more surprised that there are not even a Vegemite ice cream to find in a country where Vegemite is so popular. Or chocolate covered Vegemite lollies? Vegemite crackers.... you name it....

Anyway, I put some small Vegemite swirls on to the tray (made the same way as pizza swirls or cinnamon swirls, just with Vegemite spread instead of sugar, cinnamon and butter or pizza ingredients). Roll them up and cut them into pieces and into the oven on approx. 200C.

Earning brownie points

22 April 2010

Shabby chic necklaces

In Scandinavia the spring is slowly arriving - though you sometimes may forget it. It has been a freezing cold day here today, cloudy and a little bit of rain. Due to the bad spring weather, I thought we could need a bit of inspiration.
I have made these shabby chic / romantic looking necklaces which would look good with light summer clothes while running through the fields of grass with a bucket of blue berries (self picked of course). Oh...that was a long sentence...but you get the picture I hope...

20 April 2010

Betty's beads

We are back in Norway again to an early spring and cold wind. There are a lot of hope around in the streets. Some are even wearing summer clothes even though the temperature is just around 9C! Crazy.

The balconies are full of flowers again though we are a bit weary. The nights are still a bit too cold so the fragile plants have to be moved inside during nighttime.

Anyway, I was not supposed to talk about springtime in Norway, but the beads I got to use at the farm while visiting. Mother-in-law had been taking care of some of her mother's old necklaces and I was lucky enough to be allowed to use the beads for new jewellery! I felt like a 6 year old with a treasure box in front of me. 

The treasure box

Sorted beads - new and old

5 April 2010

Life on the farm

We are living on the farm at present which is normally a fairly quiet life.
That has all changed though.

Since last year, two goats have moved in. They suddenly arrived one morning, nobody missed them and they have since stayed here. They didn't have any names before we arrived (we came and stayed too!).
Now they are called Tikka and Masala (after the famous, delicious Indian dish containing goat meat...yeah...I know it is mean...). The last week, they have also been called Louis and Vuitton, but that is another story.

Tikka is also called Houdini since she very often escape the pen to eat from the delicious vine plants.
The cows seems to like the plants as well, so there must be something good in there.

Here are the goats:

Tikka in the background and Masala on the way
Tikka is sceptical. Where are my vines?

New spool knitted set

Here is my last spool knitted set of a necklace and a bracelet.
It is made of a bronze colored wire, pink and brown freshwater pearls and white Czech beads, seed beads, glass star focal point bead (looks like a Swarovski), gold toggle lock and cones.

This set is already sold, but more can be made. Let me know.

For more jewellery for sale, see here