28 February 2011

Don't Dream It's Over

...and I am still dreaming! Yesterday's concert with Crowded House at the Villa Maria Estate Winery was fantastic!

People had brought their camping chairs, cooler bags, sunglasses and sunhats and made themselves comfortable in front of the stage. The venue is fabulous. I have never been to a concert at a vinyard before. At the vinyard they were selling wine (of course! doh!) and food, so everyone could meet the needs from both tastebuds and empty stomachs.

Picture from a previous concert. www.villamariaconcert.co.nz

The weather was beautiful. Sun, happy concert goers, a bit of wine and food. What more could we wish for?
Music maybe?
...which we got as well. Crowded House is a band I got to know in the end of the 80's when "Don't Dream It's Over" was played repeatbly over the radio. I didn't hear more from them over the years - until I met my husband who had most of the albums from this band.

It was good fun to see the band live. The band's members have changed over the years for various reasons, but Neil Finn (vocals and songwriter) and Nick Seymour (guitar) are still in it together. The new members are Mark Hart (keyboard and guitar) and Matt Sherrod (drums).

24 February 2011

Earthquake in Christchurch

As you all probably have heard about, Christchurch has again been hit by an earthquake. Last time was in September last year, where only buildings were damaged. This time it is so much worse.
Families have lost their loved ones, friends and colleagues. It's heartbreaking to watch the news and it all feels very close.

During the evening local time when the news reached my family and friends in Norway, worried messages were ticking in.
Picture from NZ Herald
Some didn't know the distances here and were of course worried about what had happened.
And luckily I could tell them that we are far away from the quake and the family is all fine. So we have been lucky this time. There are so many others that have not.

 Graphic: Tom Byermoen / VG.
On the third day after the quake, the news are still running non-stop on TV.
There are still hopes to find more survivors. And we are hoping.
Miracles are what we need now.

16 February 2011

Luv and passion

There is hope. I realized it today.

We are just past the big Valentine's Day and passion has been running on full speed for a whole day.

After doing the dishes today (sorry not much passion there) I saw these fruits on the bench.
They are called passion fruit and who would have believed that was the best name to be picked for this fruit?
Just look at them...

Passion fruit

Dry, grey and wrinkley...

That's why there is hope. There will always be some passion, whatever age and looks.
Whatever we look like on the outside, there is still chances for some sweet passion fruit on the inside (or just a little bit luv).Cause it is the inside that matters. Even for a wrinkley passion fruit.

Happy passion - all year around!

For the hungry ones: More recipes to be found here.

15 February 2011

Middle-earth is calling!

Today I was let loose in Botany Shopping Centre, approx. 50 min drive from central Auckland.
I used to live here several years ago so the area is quite familiar to me. Shopping centres in Auckland New Zealand are a bit different from the ones I know from home. There are no gloomy, narrow, dark, claustrophic, tight areas to walk through (did I mention I am not particularly happy with the shopping centres back home?). Here, they are built with an indoor / outdoor flow and you can easily get outside for some fresh air & have a coffee while the kids are playing on the nearby playground. And what great playgrounds!!

I even found the hobit house in between the shops! Ok, I have never seen the Lord of the Rings movies - don't shoot me! but these houses would have been recognized anywhere. For those of you who don't know it either, Middle-earth is the home of the hobits and the rest of the guys from Lord of the Rings.

Botany hobit house

Cute chimney for a hobit fireplace

14 February 2011

The Viaduct, one wedding and no funeral

Thursday night we went to the one year celebration of the Americas Cup win for Oracle Racing.
The venue was based in the Viaduct and while I was contemplating wheather I should attack the bar on my own or wait for my darling to come back from work, I took some photos in the Viaduct.

The weather was sunny and warm and the Viaduct was a busy place to be.

Worlds Greatest Shave 2011

Hi all,

Tyler, who is the daughter of our friends from Brisbane, is a brave young girl.
She is supporting the Leukamia foundation "Shave for a cure" for the second time and has even shaved her long blond hair for this cause.
She needs your support!

Have a look at below link for more information:

Worlds Greatest Shave 2011

9 February 2011


Went to the movies today to check out the Burlesque movie with Cher and Christina Aguilera as the main characters. Just one word is necessary : Awesome!
Just go and see it.....

For the full story and session times in Auckland, have a look here.

Picture from www.eventcinemas.co.nz

3 February 2011

Shopping in Newmarket

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Shoppaholic monster is back!

After a week on the farm, it was time for city life again, so I took the train to Newmarket for some much needed shopping therapy. It was lovely to see the city again. All the shops and cafes...ahhh...

Newmarket, known for its good selection of shops, restaurants and entertainment,  is in the centre of Auckland (just 5 minutes on the train from Britomart). Check this little movie from Newmarket (click on the 30 sec shopping tour link).

First stop was Cue, an Australian high fashion store known for its classic qualitywear with a twist.
Formal wear is not necessary where I come from, but here it is and with the Casual Friday being the norm, I was in big need for more workwear.

Allanah Hill