29 July 2011

The Man's Guide To Love

Maybe you've already figured it out - or just given up or maybe having a break.
Anyway, here are some "how to find love and make it last" advises from a bunch of guys of all ages.
Good or bad I don't know, but you may learn something new or having a good laugh at least.

Dave, 59 says "she is my best friend and I don't know what I'd do without her". It could actually make you a little misty eyed. Sweet words anyway. This is a man of experience.

Meet the twins, Jason and Gary 23 years young, who thinks "If it’s real, it’ll flow like water out of a faucet.”
Sounds like pure love to me. As long as the faucet doesn't leak or break on a cold day.

The Man's Guide To Love #210 from themansguidetolove on Vimeo.

If you need more hints, have a look here.

26 July 2011

Always together

The last days have been filled with terrible news from my home country. It is unbelievable how one person can turn so many people's lives into sorrow and sadness. I think everyone have had some deep thoughts about what is important in life and we are all appreciating good news from loved ones.

In the middle of the tragic news, it has been good to see pictures of thousands of flower-carrying Norwegians filed through the city centre in an overwhelming show of both grief and solidarity.
We are all with you and thinking of you.

Below is a quote from one of the survivor's from Utøya. Big words, but so important and true.

22 July 2011

Rico - with a licence to...

I just love the Air New Zealand commercials. Here is one with Rico - an annoying little creature with a licence to ... confuse... Get it?

20 July 2011

Oh la la in Newmarket

On the way through Newmarket today this great Glassons window popped up and I just had to get off the bus way too early to have a look. It colored the whole street with its French inspired exhibition and I have never seen so many people stopping up to take a closer look at a window exhibition before.

I took some photos before I went into the shop to tell them how great it looks.
Even the interior is quite cool in this shop. The fitting rooms are all in pink with big mirrors outside. In the shop there are a couch to rest in if it gets a bit "heated" during the sales.

Glasson can probably be compared to H&M and Zara. They have a good selection of reasonable fashion clothes, but I must say the shops are way more tidier than the Zara shops I have been visiting previously. Glassons collection is aimed at a younger audience, but more mature chicks can find a bargain here as well. :) That's why I love it!

What do you think? The spring collection has arrived and there are a lot of inspiration for the next few months. Couldn't be happier.

French inspired exhibition at Glassons

18 July 2011


Winter is back today with 3C outside and only 16C inside. A confused Scandinavian has fallen down from the clouds and the sun lounger seems to be able to have a rest today. Woke up to a heat pump coughing ice cubes and sheep skin slippers begging for mercy.
The spring is not here yet, but we have a little taste of it now and then.
The sun is working on full in the morning and the house will soon be livable again - and a cold Scandi can again dream of better and warmer days.

Kristiansand, Norway 2007

17 July 2011

Tea for two

It has been another lovely "spring" day today, so garden work it was. The leaves had covered absolutely everything outside; our stamp sized lawn, veranda, driveway and backyard. We are not talking dainty little leaves. We are talking palm leaves which cover everything in a very short time - especially after I have removed them all.

This morning I had a look out the entree door and realised the perfect thing for the area would be a bench.
A bench to sit on in the morning sun enjoying a cup of tea, reading the newspaper while the huge leaves are dropping down on our lawn. So bench it is. The sun lounger was placed on the veranda, wet from all the rain yesterday. Didn't look like it had a great time, so I moved it to our entree door and voila! It is using a bit of space but at the moment it is perfect spot for it in the sun.

It is lunch time here. Guess where it will be spent?

No big news on the tomato, pepper, pea and mini carrots seeds. They are being monitored and as soon as they show a little sign of life, picture will come. The tulip bulbs, however, are thriving by the looks of it.
Soon we will also have our garden furniture ready in the backyard.
Enjoy the warm days.

15 July 2011


It is a bit wet and rainy here today (and yesterday). The heat pump is my best friend at the moment...

However, better days are on the way. Just have to wait....

Here is a little teaser for you guys who are thinking of coming for a visit this summer.

11 July 2011


Yesterday was a lovely day with a hint of spring weather. I wore a cardigan out for a walk and the temperature was just right. Even the shops had a hint of spring. Some few spring garments had already arrived which made the taste of better months even stronger. These are my favourites from Jacqui-E, an Australian brand with a selection of both casual- and work wear. I especially like the trousers and skirt. Spring is more than welcome.

All pictures from Jacqui-E.

9 July 2011

House and Garden *July*

Another month has gone past and a few new things have happened in our house and garden.

The winter is still here, but we have had a few nice, warm days so there are still possibilities to do a bit of work in the garden.

Since last time - the IKEA shelf has arrived! Believe it or not! The hope of getting it transported over the ditch (from Australia) had almost gone, so the surprise was big when a delivery confirmation was received. Not the best customer service from the company. However, we are very happy with the shelf. It fits perfectly into our living room and it looks like it is made for the wall.
Here it is:

The long awaited shelf has arrived!

2 July 2011

Winter in Auckland

This beautiful view met me on the way home the other day. If it wasn't for the temperature, you would think it was summer. The weather seems to last through the weekend as well. Chilly days, but well worth it when the sun is back.

Hang With Me

Wish you a great, warm and sunny weekend with this catchy song from Swedish Robyn.
Great easy listening and ubercool haircut. Me like!