24 August 2011

A boy and his sheep

I love cute commercials. The ones that just give you a warm feeling on the inside and a little chuckle towards the end. This is a TV adert from ASB Bank and the boy is saving up for a Nintedo DS. I think he is pretty smart!

17 August 2011

Hints of warmth

Cold blasts from Antarctica has been cooling us down the last few days.
It has even snowed in Auckland, something that apparently hasn't happened since 1939!
With 3C outside and 14C inside this morning it wasn't too tempting to get out of bed.
On the good side, there are holiday for us in the nearest future. Two weeks on and we will be enjoying Musket Cove in Fiji! Can't wait to give the merino jumper a break.
Take a look here. I am looking at this one at least a couple of times a day to thaw...

12 August 2011

Ted Baker has arrived!

I went downtown today and realised the whole Britomart area has changed.
To my delight, I saw a new shop in town as well. Ted Baker is here. Lovely colorful clothes, a bit pricey but sometimes you need a treat... There are way too many shops here with only a selection of black and grey clothes. We need colors!!!...and I don't mean to be negative, but this city loves black.
It is soon spring people! So welcome Mr. Baker.

Instead of a big building site, there are now a new and fresh mall behind / on top of the train station.
Shops like Jo Malone, M.A.C, L'Occitane, Kikki.K, Ted Baker and a few cafes have moved in.
Always good with new brands in the city. Although this time, it was only Ted Baker whom is the new boy in town. If you don't know the name, it is a known fashion designer brand from London. It is also the first shop in New Zealand.

Entrance to the atrium
If you wonder what those "cones" are...These are lightwells which admit daylight into the Britomart trainstation below.
If you want to see what it looks like on the inside of the building, check this link. Pretty amazing...

Atrium on Takutai

3 August 2011

A walk in the park

I am at home at the moment, looking for work and would really, really enjoy to get in somewhere I can stay for a long time. After years of temping, it would be good to settle for a while. In the meantime, I have to stay busy at home. Some days it is not a problem, but other days the time is very slooooow...
Whatever type of day it is, it is really lovely to have a park nearby to get some fresh air.
This is my park....

Welcome to the park!