4 January 2016

Arty heart pendants

I really enjoy mixing colors and creating new necklaces in happy, lovely colors.
Below you will find three new necklaces with matching earrings.
They are all in my web shop now. Chop chop bling friends! :)

Dark Blue & Turquoise arty heart pendant with matching ear studs

Gold & Cherry Red Arty Heart Pendant with matching ear studs

Dark Blue & Gold Arty Heart pendant

More ear lollies in my web shop!

It is good fun creating earrings so there are more to chose from in my web shop now.
I have also tided up a little as it is a new year and new possibilities.

These earrings are 10mm two-colored antique bronze covered in resin which make them nice and shiny!

Dark Blue & Turquoise ear studs

Gold & Cherry Red ear studs

Dark Blue & Cherry Red ear studs