30 April 2011

Goosebump music

It's time for some goosebump music after hours in front of the TV watching the very romantic wedding.
This is birthday and Christmas at once for me. Listen to Andrea Bocelli and Zucchero performing together!
Listen to Miserere (and if you like to listen to Italian, you'll have the desert before the main)...

29 April 2011

Is it or isn't it?

What do you think?
You have probably seen her images before. These photos are taken by Alison Jackson, photographer, well known for her jaw dropping pictures of celebrity lookalikes. A while ago, we could see pictures of the queen sitting on the toilet, Elton John getting a colonic and Keith Richard ironing his knickers. Sounds familiar?

During these pre-wedding days I thought these photos were appropriate while we are counting down to see THE dress. For more photos, check her web page at http://www.alisonjackson.com/

The Royals' preparations for the big day. Picture from www.alisonjackson.com

The Queen and Kate getting to know each other while watching the horses....Picture from www.uncut247.com

27 April 2011

Herbert has moved in!

Now you probably think we have gotten a flatmate or a cat or something dodgy....and it could have been if it wasn't for that Herbert is a....


21 April 2011

A travel bug is popping by

The last few months I have been shouting from the rooftop that I was tired of travelling and packing suitcases to everyone that could be bothered to listen to it. And it is correct. I have been tired of travelling. We are not normally just going on a holiday when we are travelling, we are actually going to live there.
It is a big difference from a weeks holiday to going through the paperwork, packing and to find a new place to live - and then get used to living there which can be both a positive and negative experience. Usually it is a mix of both. On the other hand, it is our choice to do it and we do get a thrill out of it.
We always meet lovely people wherever we go and we have friends all over the world which is really nice when you go back to catch up again. All the photos I have taken during the years will be a lovely memory board one day. I have plans of making one.

Anyway, the other day I felt a little pang of a travel bug saying hello. I was a bit surprised. Not that I have any wishes to go anywhere now (apart from small weekend trips), but it was just a lovely feeling to know that the travel bug hasn't gone totally. So I started looking through old photos, had a laugh, thought about the good memories (the bad ones disappear over time) and thought - maybe one day we are off again?
Not now though or anytime soon. I am really loving it settling down here in our new house.

The first photos I went back to was from our trip to San Francisco in 2008. My better half was working up the coast and towards the end of his project I got to visit and we had a lovely trip getting to know the city.
It is a great place. The city is super busy, but the places outside like Sausalito, the wharf, and all the different nationalities and food selection, the vineyard trip and the boat trip with a friend of my husband calms you down after all the hustle and bustle of inner city life. It was all lovely. So I thought I share some photos of San Fran with you all.

Cheers to the travel bug!

Morning view from our friend's boat with a coffee in my hand. Priceless.

19 April 2011

Danish Coffee Cake

This recipe was found in my favourite Danish magazine, Alt for Damerne.
I have been testing this recipe a couple of times now and it seems to work with all kind of fruit.
In the original recipe bananas were used, but since I had heaps of feijoas and apples on my kitchen bench I thought I rather use that. For those of you that don't know the feijoa fruit, it tastes slightly sweeter than the kiwi fruit.

Picture from www.altfordamerne.dk

13 April 2011

It's not just a suitcase

After years of travelling,I know what a good suitcase is. I also know the bad ones. The ones you have to drag after you cause the wheels don't really work or the ones that always fall over.

Here are a different league of suitcases - The Louis Vuitton collection.
I would love to have just one of them - even a half one.
Would never dare to check it in on a plane, rather just look at it from my lounge. Maybe with an old teacup on top of it.

Aren't they lovely?

12 April 2011


A couple of weeks back I visited my hairdresser angel Sarah in Upper Queen Street. I feel so lucky to have found her as she is a wizard with the scissors and the colors. After three hours of pampering it was time for lunch and sightseeing.

Upper Queen Street is just a short walk from K-road (or the mouthful Karangahape Road), an alternative area with colorful gift shops at daytime and a very colorful party area at nighttime.

St. Kevin's Arcade
St. Kevin's Cafe - smoothie heaven!

5 April 2011

Pooky Street

I have been looking for these commercials for a while but could not for my bare life remember who had made them. Today, they popped up on TV again. This is from the power supplier Genersis Energy NZ and the stars of the video are the little pukeko family. Pukeko is a NZ native bird. Aren't they cute? Just look at how the little ones are walking...ahhh...

...and one more...

"Scroll down" to see Behind the Scenes...

4 April 2011

Gone pottery!

This weekend my dear husband took me on a surprise trip since it was my day on Saturday (and he is the expert of surprises).
So I packed my bag and got into the car in a hurry and off we went. The trip went past endless, beautiful landscapes. Green hills, vineyards, art galleries, small cafes all the way.
I couldn't be more surprised when he turned off at the Morris & James pottery shop.
What a place!

Picture from www.purematakana.co.nz

We arrived in beautiful sunny weather to a place that just makes your shoulders fall back in place.
In the backyard you'll find the Pottery Cafe where you can sit down and enjoy the pottery exhibited in the garden while getting a top up of caffeine.

1 April 2011

Danny Bhoy

This is a previous post from me, but it is SO worth to have a second look here.
Danny Bhoy is coming back to Auckland to perform at the ASB Theatre on the 16th and 17th of May (and I dare to tell you, cause I have already gotten tickets...tihi :)

Danny Bhoy - Messenger (please do not shoot)

The International Comedy Festival is starting on the 29th of April (you very lucky people!!!) and here you can read about the comedians coming to the city and this is the place to book tickets to see Mr. Bhoy.
He will also visit Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Hastings, Invercargill and New Plymouth.
Have fun!