25 June 2011

A Dyrberg & Kern copy

After a drab day at work (there are some few at the moment) I had to pop by the colorful "The 3rd Eye" to get my mood up before I was heading back home.
...and it helped. Look what I found.
Doesn't it look a lot like the style of the Danish brand Dyrberg & Kern?

Guess what has arrived?

It's finally here...
We have been waiting for this since beginning of May.
With several delays we almost gave up, but we wanted it so much. It fits perfect...

11 June 2011

It's out!

On Friday morning this beauty was showing off its good looks.

Isn't it amazing? Easy to understand where it got its name from....

Bird of Paradise

6 June 2011

House and Garden *June*


Thought I'd send out a little overview of what is going on in the house & garden since last time I wrote about it.

Last weekend, we bought red bar chairs for the kitchen. Looks great and works really well.
Now, we can have breakfast by the kitchen bench and there are heaps of space to read the newspaper on the bench - as opposed to spreading the paper all over the floor and bend down to read it (= bad back).
NZ Herald is a huge newspaper!!!

Breakfast bar. Wine only served after 12 a.m.
We have ordered new venetian blinds and roller blind for the house. Still some few weeks to wait, but think it will look fab.
Next on the list, will be lined curtains.If anyone knows about curtain makers with a great selection of curtain fabrics, please leave a comment.

Oh...and I almost forgot. We are looking for a coat rack or two for the hallway and these are our favourites.