31 March 2011

Bookshelf hunt

New update! Myflatpack has now updated their webpage and it is a lot more informative with pictures attached to each item. I have sent them an order for below bookshelf and am waiting for a confirmation.
If I am lucky, the Expedit bookshelf may be in our house early May. Picture will come...

A few weeks ago we moved into our new house, unpacked boxes and a container and are now slowly getting sorted. There are a few things we want to replace when the time is right, but there is one thing we need NOW.

A bookshelf....

If you are used to having IKEA nearby and you don't anymore, you feel a bit lost.
Where to go next?

This was the one we wanted...a simple, reasonable bookshelf, strong with a thick frame around it and nothing more. Our books are going to live there, not the queen, so we just need it to be simple looking.

YES PLEASE.... Expedit bookshelf from IKEA

....but instead there are a lot of settler style bookshelves to find here.
Dark wood, a bit old fashion, heavy looking things.

29 March 2011

Cirque du Soleil is back....

Well, you have to wait until August for them to be back in Auckland. The chance is here already to get tickets (if you are a Cirque du Soleil member that is).

Many years ago, I was working for Cirque du Soleil while they were in Auckland with their Alegria show.
Almost every night for six weeks I saw the show twice a night. I was one of the ushers (no I wasn't a stand in acrobat sorry) standing by the door, either checking the tickets or leading the patrons to their seats. It was a fun job and something totally different to do.

Picture from www.cirquedusoleil.com

28 March 2011

If this doesn't make you fly....

Here is the latest Air NZ commercial with Richard Simmons as the star of this in flight safety video.
This time the crew has kept their clothes on and are instead showing us the 80's aerobic moves.
You may also notice that Paul Henry (former TVNZ broadcaster) and Phil Keoghan (host of Amazing Race) are in it as well. Move your body!!!

19 March 2011


This expression comes from a necklace I have from Swedish jewellery designer Efva Attling. It means "The way to the stars". The necklace was found at a dealer in Amagerbrodgade in Copenhagen on this trip.
Oh, and I almost forgotten to tell you. Got the "Two Some" earrings on this trip.

SIC ITUR AD ASTRA necklace from Efva Attling

I really love jewellery in every color and shape, but they should not be unpleasant to wear.
I always find new favourites, but there are some I always will fall back to and wear over and over again.
I do not prefer a particular style of jewellery. One day I am wearing turquoise beads and color all over the place. The next day it is back to my minimalistic silver wear. It depends on the day, weather, mood and what I am doing.

One of my favourite Scandinavian jewellery designer's is Efva Attling from Stockholm, Sweden.
You may already have heard about her. Does the HOMO SAPIENS and CARPE DIEM jewellery sound familiar?

18 March 2011

Japan earthquake and tsunami

Just a thought while the horrible news are reaching us through the TV.
Help is needed.
Here is one link to help Japan through Red Cross in New Zealand.

15 March 2011

Craft Expo

Just a little reminder to all you who enjoy beading, knitting, card making etc.

The Craft Expo is on from March 17th to 20th, 2011 at the ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Auckland.

For more info: www.craftexpo.co.nz

See you!

9 March 2011

Online shops New Zealand

I had a tidy up in my online shops folders and thought I would share some with you.
Maybe you find some new ones you haven't tried before.
Some are online shops in New Zealand and some are international shops who delivers to NZ.
For readers from other destinations, please check the "Delivery & Returns" for each shop.
Have fun!


8 March 2011

Moo to you too

Another funny commercial. This time we are going for a Norwegian one (with subtitles).
Don't leave the mobile phone in the pocket, guys. Bad things could happen.

7 March 2011

Last night with the girls (until next time anyway)

On our last night back home in Norway before departure to New Zealand the next morning,
we had a great night with my dear friends at the Mississippi restaurant in town.
Table was booked, Creole cuisine was enjoyed by all of us while good stories popped up during the whole night. There were laughter and there were tears.

I have met my dear friends during different parts of life. One of them I have known since we both were three years old! and we have kept in touch most of the time.That is quite a long time to have known someone.
One I met during my teenage years, one I met at work in the 90s and one I met 14 years ago when I also met my husband.
The most incredible part of the story is that they all fit so well together.
You would think they all knew each other already!

It is good fun to get them all together in front of the fire at the restaurant, enjoy some great food and wine, and one good story after another pops up and there are all laughter and/or tears.
It can't get better than that.

Ms. L, Ms. A, Ms. A.T. Ms. N and moi. - all with stars in our eyes. Photo: Ms. N
...and I have left these great ladies behind after years with coffee meetings, laughter, tears, secrets,
shopping (sometimes even secret shopping), red wine, white wine, trips, 40th celebration and a lot more.
It feels awkward and a bit sad. Luckily most of them have told me they will come to New Zealand to visit us. I was very happy to hear that. You are all more than welcome.

Thank you girls for a great time. There will be more to come...as there will be trips home to see you (and the family). You better have the coffee (and wine) ready :)

Have a lovely spring time. See you!

Love T.

PS. If you want to enjoy the Creole cuisine in front of the fire at Mississippi in Kristiansand, they are based in Vestre Strandgate 22. Enjoy!

6 March 2011

New concert at Villa Maria

Once again we got the chance to enjoy a great concert at Villa Maria Estate Winery. Different bands this time though.
Yesterday night, the "More FM Winery Tour Summer 2011" was on. They have been touring 19 places in New Zealand this summer with the bands Brooke Fraser, Opshop and Midnight Youth.
I just have to say: We are so lucky to be able to see all these concerts in the same city we are living in!

The big change from last Saturday was the weather. Not that the sun was any brighter..no.. we had pouring rain this time. Like real heavy rain. I like to call it liquid sunshine, but it doesn't really make it any better. :)
All we could do was to put on the rain gear and wellies - and get out there.
There were a lot of umbrellas, tents and "rainproof" outfits. I don't know how kiwis do it, but I have a feeling that they don't feel the cold. Not that it was really cold, but during the evening and all the rain, it must have been just a wee bit cold? I definitely felt it....and I come from a much colder country. I am just saying it, cause there weren't a lot of proper rain gear to see. So if anyone can tell me their secret, it would be great. So much better than having to wear all those heavy clothes... Anyway, got a bit sidetracked there.hehe...

All pictures from www.villamariaconcerts.co.nz

I didn't know the bands that well. I had heard some songs on the radio (without knowing it was them playing...), so the concert turned out to be a lot better than anticipated.
I am now a big fan of them all! What a great concert!

Last night it was Brook Fraser who was the queen of the night, together with the guest bands Opshop and Midnight Youth. All are from New Zealand.

3 March 2011

Nothing to hide?

I have to admit I don't really enjoy that programs and movies gets interrupted by commercials several times during the viewing. 
The only exception is the funny ones. If the commercials are either overly cute (babies or pets) or make you laugh, it is the thumb up from me.

That's why I want to introduce you to some of the commercials down under.
This one is from Air New Zealand. Please note the uniforms or rather lack there of...
Music by Gin Wigmore : Under My Skin.

So what's the deal? When are you coming?