31 July 2010

From Norway with love

Mother-in-law had her birthday in the end of July and I sent her this set of jewellery.
The beads I have used is Swarovski, glass beads, Czech beads and gold colored metal spacers, caps and lock. The beads are knitted in a spiral inside the pendant and bracelet.
The wire is black only on the bracelet and both black and purple on the necklace (pendant).
I hope she will like it. Happy birthday Jill!

Double Spool knitted pendant with purple and black glass beads, Czech beads and gold colored caps and spacers.

18 July 2010

More Pearl Twist...

New Pearl Twist bracelet is ready. This one is made of light blue mother of pearl glasspearls, plum colored "Grønnlandspearls" and white pearls. I am also thinking of making a matching necklace for this one.

For more information, see here

17 July 2010

My own shop on the net

Hi all!

Since last time I wrote a lot of things have happened. I have started in a new job (just short-term, but still a job in the aftermath of the credit crunch times), we have been in the greatest ever wedding up north in Norway (great people, food & drinks, nature and the biggest moskitos - ever) and my friend, Anne, and I have celebrated our 40th - again (for me anyway). Hopefully I have some more pictures soon.

I have also joined a net shop in Norway called epla.no where I can sell the jewelry I am making.
My address is: http://epla.no/shops/smykkeboden/
You can find all kind of home made items and vintage pieces here, but unfortunately for you only for people living in Norway. If you want to order something from my shop, please send me an email first so I can give you the correct price in requested currency and also the correct postage. This way you can change the total amount yourself at PayPal and I will send it as soon as the payment is registred.

I have also found a similare web page in the States called http://www.etsy.com/ and that made me wonder if you have anything like this in New Zealand? I would be very interested in joining a New Zealand web page as well. This makes it very tidy with both the prices and postage added to the items I sell and the buyer chose the payment (the seller has to pick two methods of payments).

If you have any information about a New Zealand page, please leave a comment (anyone with a google account can) or send me an email (link to the right).