19 October 2013

Memories from San Francisco

It's been two months! Holy Moly...where did the time go?
Well, since last time I wrote on this blog, there has mainly been work, work and more work as I have moved to another department and have been in training and working late hours the last couple of months.
However, there have been some fun as well....

On Friday the 13th!!! (September) I went to San Francisco to watch the last races of the America's Cup. The trip has been planned for a year and I was really looking forward to it. As some of you know, my darling hubby is working forOracle Team USA and have done so for a few years so to go and watch the races was a BIG thing for us.

When I left NZ our team was losing big time. Emirates Team NZ had one more race to win and they would have won the Auld Mug (see bottom picture) to take back to NZ. So you can imagine living in NZ and supporting an American Team can be quite a difficult thing to do when you are working among hard core Team Emirates NZ supporters....