31 August 2010

Standup comedian Kristian Valen

This is a video by Kristian Valen who impersonate BeeGees, Bruce Springsteen, Garth Brooks and David Bowie. Kristian Valen is a Norwegian stand up comedian and an expert on imitating voices.

This is Kristian Valen doing a parody on Morten Harket in A-ha. It is Kristian who is singing, not Morten if you were in doubt. Pretty good. And then Morten turns up himself! Hillarious!

By the way, we are going to A-ha's Farewell concert on the 11th of September. Yippi!!!

30 August 2010

Morten Abel with Tore Tang

It's time you get to hear our good, old pub song called Tore Tang. It is about an old man living by himself, old, poor and lonely. The song is sad, but makes everyone sing along when it is played. The song was made by the band Mods where Morten Abel was a vocalist way back in 1981.

Here are some of the lyrics:
"Tore Tang ein gammal mann,
heile byen kjenne han.
Han som leve av gammalt brød og vann.
Kor han komme fra, vet bare han
Tore Tang"

Another hit from Morten Abel and his band The September When called Cries Like A Baby (from HuggerMugger 1994):

24 August 2010

"Autumn Dusk" necklace

New necklace has arrived in the collection!

This time I have made a necklace of 7-8mm freshwater pearls (antique look), murano heart pendant in gold and brown and purple seed beads. A few glass beads is added to it as well. Lock and extension chain in silver color.

For more information, have a look here

Also, I have now added Paypal as a payment option. Have a read here if curious.

17 August 2010

Understanding the Danish language

Hi all,

I thought I would share this funny you tube video from a Norwegian program called "Uti vår hage" (outside in our garden). This time they have made fun of the Danish language. The thing is, even though we are all Scandinavians, they are really the hardest to understand for the Norwegians and Swedes (exluding the Finnish of course).

In this video, even the Danes have problems understanding each other and are making up Danish words since they have forgotten their own language. The Danish words you may hear is not really Danish either.... most of them are just made up.... Confused? Come to Denmark....

Have a laugh!

16 August 2010

Savannah jewelry set

It's no way out of it. The autumn is on its way (and my oh my do I look forward to cool down a bit - yes!).
We have had 24C here today, unbearable, too muggy, way too hot and so on.
So I have been hiding behind the blindes doing some beading....and I have even used some autumn colors to welcome the chilly mornings. I think it works as well. It is supposed to rain tomorrow...

Firstly I have made a statement necklace. It is made of brown, autumn yellow and grey glassbeads and freshwater pearls. Some purple seed beads have been used as "spacers". As a focal point I have used tiger eye triangle beads and glass foil beads. The lock and extension chain are silver colored.

15 August 2010

The Tall Ship Races

A couple of weekends back we had visit from The Tall Ship Races. It was the first time for Kristiansand being a hosting town for this great event. If you don't know what it is, think old fashion sailing boats, young people learning to sail and great chances to see new places and big ships competing against each other. The ships are sailing to different European cities and this time it was Kristiansand's turn to arrange the big event in Norway. Other cities the ships had visited was Antwerp in Belgium, Aalborg in Denmark and Hartlepool, United Kingdom (which was the last stop-over during the race).

The container harbour was cleaned and food stalls, restaurants and market stands were placed in the area. The whole town changed, heaps of people visiting and about 80 concerts during the weekend.

The weather was as usual not supportive. It was raining quite a bit during the weekend and in the end we surrendered to the raingear to see some of the concerts on Saturday. Sure it was a funny sight, us in full raingear sitting outside on the wet benches drinking coffee and watching local bands playing. It turned out to be quite a nice day. Later the same evening we went back to see other concerts.

4 August 2010

Matching jewelry

Hi again!

I have done a bit of "marathon beading" this weekend and below is what I made.
All the jewellery are matching the last pearl twist bracelet I made.

See more info here

Illusion necklace with moonstone pendant