28 December 2011

Bougainvillea in blossom

Below pictures are for you all living in winter wonderland who secretly miss the colorful flowers of summer.
These are crawling up our veranda fence and the colors are so strong you would almost think they were fake!

PS. They are real. Promise.


Merry Christmas everyone!

We have had a lovely Christmas day celebration with the family here. Lovely lamb leg on the BBQ and a smoked ham with salad and desserts treats until there were no more room left in the tummy. Luckily, the weather stayed dry so we could sit outside enjoying the delicious food.

I never really get into the Christmas spirit during the summer, but since we have our own house I wanted to decorate a bit inside. We moved most of the decorations we had in Norway, but there it felt like we had heaps of it as the apartment was small. Now, I need more of it!!! We didn't get a Christmas tree this year, but I am considering getting a plastic fantastic Christmas tree when the sale starts (probably started weeks ago)...

Below is some decorations from the house:

Big, old Santa with his friends

4 December 2011

House and garden *November*

We have already reached December month, but everything that has happened around the house was last month's hard work, so November update it is.

Where do we start? The garden has woken up and is blossoming all over the place. It is the first time for us to see the plants blossoming in our garden and I am very impressed by how fast it is growing and how beautiful it looks. Some of the plants are indoor plants back home in Norway or something "exotic" you would see during the holiday in Spain. These plants have demanded very little work from my side, apart from a little bit of trimming to keep them from taking over the place.

We have also had a "working bee" Saturday together with family and the neighbours. The hedge between our houses needed a big trim and so did the trees in our garden with the result we have more sun coming in...and we also got to know our neighbours a lot better. Just win/win then.

Star Jasmin in the back yard