25 February 2012

Friends visiting from home....

It is two weeks ago since my dear friends left us to go back to Norway after 10 days in Auckland. Yes, we had only 10 days but wow! did we do a lot of things while they were here!

We did sightseeing in the harbour of Auckland, Devonport, shopping, trip to Rotorua, saw the sheep show at the Agrodome, Wai-O-Tapu geothermal sculptured after vulcanic activity thousands of years ago, Taupo, Huka Falls (even saw a couple of young rafters going down the falls), lunch & dinners everywhere, visit to the farm & the in-laws, Matakana & concert, Omaha beach etc.
Lovely days with lots of laughs.

Here are some pictures:

Auckland on a very sunny day!

19 February 2012

House and garden *January*

Hello to you all!

As usual I am a bit slow with my house and garden updates, but as the summer finally has arrived the time is running away to do other things. Very sorry :)

Anyway, here are the last news:

The garden is growing as ever before. Some plants have lost its flowers (ex. bougainvillea plants) and some have had their second blossoming. I cut the tomato plants down quite a bit a few weeks back and thought I had killed it. This also made the access to the tomatoes for the birds a lot easier. Clever little things! However, it made the plants grow even taller and wider and the tomatoes are having a second harvesting. Good fun. The tomatoes are deliciously sweet and are mainly used for salads.

The tomato plants are taller than me now!
Red and sweet