28 December 2011

Bougainvillea in blossom

Below pictures are for you all living in winter wonderland who secretly miss the colorful flowers of summer.
These are crawling up our veranda fence and the colors are so strong you would almost think they were fake!

PS. They are real. Promise.


Merry Christmas everyone!

We have had a lovely Christmas day celebration with the family here. Lovely lamb leg on the BBQ and a smoked ham with salad and desserts treats until there were no more room left in the tummy. Luckily, the weather stayed dry so we could sit outside enjoying the delicious food.

I never really get into the Christmas spirit during the summer, but since we have our own house I wanted to decorate a bit inside. We moved most of the decorations we had in Norway, but there it felt like we had heaps of it as the apartment was small. Now, I need more of it!!! We didn't get a Christmas tree this year, but I am considering getting a plastic fantastic Christmas tree when the sale starts (probably started weeks ago)...

Below is some decorations from the house:

Big, old Santa with his friends

4 December 2011

House and garden *November*

We have already reached December month, but everything that has happened around the house was last month's hard work, so November update it is.

Where do we start? The garden has woken up and is blossoming all over the place. It is the first time for us to see the plants blossoming in our garden and I am very impressed by how fast it is growing and how beautiful it looks. Some of the plants are indoor plants back home in Norway or something "exotic" you would see during the holiday in Spain. These plants have demanded very little work from my side, apart from a little bit of trimming to keep them from taking over the place.

We have also had a "working bee" Saturday together with family and the neighbours. The hedge between our houses needed a big trim and so did the trees in our garden with the result we have more sun coming in...and we also got to know our neighbours a lot better. Just win/win then.

Star Jasmin in the back yard 

26 November 2011

Antipodes - connect with the nature

Ageless beauty begins here...let's hope so...

I thought I better tell you about my new favourite skin product. I have been using Dermalogica for years and years and I am still using them, but thought it was about time to test some new ones.
There are an abundance of organic or "almost" organic skin products in New Zealand now. The last one I have tested is Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream. The product is organic certified and contains avocado oil, calendula oil from marigold petals, manuka honey and antioxidant Vinanza Grape.

Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream

1 November 2011

Addicted to wearing scarfs?

I have never seen so many ways of wearing a scarf before. Heaps of good ideas - actually 25 of them.
For a "scarfomaniac" this is gold!

30 October 2011

House and Garden *October*

October has arrived with lovely warm spring weather. We have felt like spoilt brats when it comes to the lovely weather and to be able to enjoy life in the backyard.

There is not a lot of activity around the house at the moment - apart from a bit of weeding. Some plants have been blossoming lately. Below is what met us after our trip to Kerikeri. Aren't they lovely?

Especially the plants by the back wall gave me a pleasant surprise. The colors are just so strong and vibrant. I don't know what the name of the plants are and if you do, please leave a message.

The three last Bird of Paradise flowers are also out.

16 October 2011


Last weekend we went to Kerikeri, a small  & lovely village about three hours drive north of Auckland, 20km south of Paihia, Bay of Island. My better half was busy at the radio yacht regatta while in Kerikeri, so I was left on my own among tempting shops and cafes. So what do you do then? Bring the big handbag, sunglasses, water bottle, credit card, magazine (even a Norwegian one - bliss!) and good shoes.

We did visit Kerikeri on my first trip to New Zealand in 1997. However, we didn't visit the centre of Kerikeri then, only The Stone Store which is New Zealand's oldest building. This time we didn't do any sightseeing, so it was my chance to do some research on Kerikeri's boutiques and cafes.


21 September 2011

House and Garden *august*

Hi everyone!
My oh my how the time is flying! Where did all the hours go? Already September month and I haven't even written about our house and garden for August! Holy Moly....

Since last time, we have gotten a dog. It's very small, yellow, doesn't bark (but I was hoping it did), doesn't eat and is a bit "plasticy". It is a very good "guarden dog" keeping the door open and hold little messages when I am in the backyard.

The guarden dog

11 September 2011


Imagine after just one week in a new job, you have to go on holiday...tough life but that's been me lately.
Holiday was planned well before the job came my way so the little week of holiday was incorporated into the first bit of training.

This time, we went to Musket Cove Resort in Fiji located at the Malolo Leilei Island. We have been to Fiji about 10 years ago and loved it, so this time we picked another resort and loved it even more. After three hours on a plane, a few hours of waiting at an airport hotel (if we had known that the Denarau port was so nice we would have taken a taxi there to wait instead), 30 minutes on a bus and another hour on a ferry, we arrived Musket Cove Resort in darkness with a band playing guitars and singing, candles lit and the whole reception welcoming us by the beach.
We had a little sightseeing around the island on a buggie (think golf car and you are very close) and then we were shown our home for the next few days. A little house with living room, kitchen corner, bathroom and bedroom. Flower decorations were placed all over the place; on the bed, on top of towels and on all the tables. Even outside on the terrace table! Lovely.

Bula. Welcome.

View from our terrace

24 August 2011

A boy and his sheep

I love cute commercials. The ones that just give you a warm feeling on the inside and a little chuckle towards the end. This is a TV adert from ASB Bank and the boy is saving up for a Nintedo DS. I think he is pretty smart!

17 August 2011

Hints of warmth

Cold blasts from Antarctica has been cooling us down the last few days.
It has even snowed in Auckland, something that apparently hasn't happened since 1939!
With 3C outside and 14C inside this morning it wasn't too tempting to get out of bed.
On the good side, there are holiday for us in the nearest future. Two weeks on and we will be enjoying Musket Cove in Fiji! Can't wait to give the merino jumper a break.
Take a look here. I am looking at this one at least a couple of times a day to thaw...

12 August 2011

Ted Baker has arrived!

I went downtown today and realised the whole Britomart area has changed.
To my delight, I saw a new shop in town as well. Ted Baker is here. Lovely colorful clothes, a bit pricey but sometimes you need a treat... There are way too many shops here with only a selection of black and grey clothes. We need colors!!!...and I don't mean to be negative, but this city loves black.
It is soon spring people! So welcome Mr. Baker.

Instead of a big building site, there are now a new and fresh mall behind / on top of the train station.
Shops like Jo Malone, M.A.C, L'Occitane, Kikki.K, Ted Baker and a few cafes have moved in.
Always good with new brands in the city. Although this time, it was only Ted Baker whom is the new boy in town. If you don't know the name, it is a known fashion designer brand from London. It is also the first shop in New Zealand.

Entrance to the atrium
If you wonder what those "cones" are...These are lightwells which admit daylight into the Britomart trainstation below.
If you want to see what it looks like on the inside of the building, check this link. Pretty amazing...

Atrium on Takutai

3 August 2011

A walk in the park

I am at home at the moment, looking for work and would really, really enjoy to get in somewhere I can stay for a long time. After years of temping, it would be good to settle for a while. In the meantime, I have to stay busy at home. Some days it is not a problem, but other days the time is very slooooow...
Whatever type of day it is, it is really lovely to have a park nearby to get some fresh air.
This is my park....

Welcome to the park!

29 July 2011

The Man's Guide To Love

Maybe you've already figured it out - or just given up or maybe having a break.
Anyway, here are some "how to find love and make it last" advises from a bunch of guys of all ages.
Good or bad I don't know, but you may learn something new or having a good laugh at least.

Dave, 59 says "she is my best friend and I don't know what I'd do without her". It could actually make you a little misty eyed. Sweet words anyway. This is a man of experience.

Meet the twins, Jason and Gary 23 years young, who thinks "If it’s real, it’ll flow like water out of a faucet.”
Sounds like pure love to me. As long as the faucet doesn't leak or break on a cold day.

The Man's Guide To Love #210 from themansguidetolove on Vimeo.

If you need more hints, have a look here.

26 July 2011

Always together

The last days have been filled with terrible news from my home country. It is unbelievable how one person can turn so many people's lives into sorrow and sadness. I think everyone have had some deep thoughts about what is important in life and we are all appreciating good news from loved ones.

In the middle of the tragic news, it has been good to see pictures of thousands of flower-carrying Norwegians filed through the city centre in an overwhelming show of both grief and solidarity.
We are all with you and thinking of you.

Below is a quote from one of the survivor's from Utøya. Big words, but so important and true.

22 July 2011

Rico - with a licence to...

I just love the Air New Zealand commercials. Here is one with Rico - an annoying little creature with a licence to ... confuse... Get it?

20 July 2011

Oh la la in Newmarket

On the way through Newmarket today this great Glassons window popped up and I just had to get off the bus way too early to have a look. It colored the whole street with its French inspired exhibition and I have never seen so many people stopping up to take a closer look at a window exhibition before.

I took some photos before I went into the shop to tell them how great it looks.
Even the interior is quite cool in this shop. The fitting rooms are all in pink with big mirrors outside. In the shop there are a couch to rest in if it gets a bit "heated" during the sales.

Glasson can probably be compared to H&M and Zara. They have a good selection of reasonable fashion clothes, but I must say the shops are way more tidier than the Zara shops I have been visiting previously. Glassons collection is aimed at a younger audience, but more mature chicks can find a bargain here as well. :) That's why I love it!

What do you think? The spring collection has arrived and there are a lot of inspiration for the next few months. Couldn't be happier.

French inspired exhibition at Glassons

18 July 2011


Winter is back today with 3C outside and only 16C inside. A confused Scandinavian has fallen down from the clouds and the sun lounger seems to be able to have a rest today. Woke up to a heat pump coughing ice cubes and sheep skin slippers begging for mercy.
The spring is not here yet, but we have a little taste of it now and then.
The sun is working on full in the morning and the house will soon be livable again - and a cold Scandi can again dream of better and warmer days.

Kristiansand, Norway 2007

17 July 2011

Tea for two

It has been another lovely "spring" day today, so garden work it was. The leaves had covered absolutely everything outside; our stamp sized lawn, veranda, driveway and backyard. We are not talking dainty little leaves. We are talking palm leaves which cover everything in a very short time - especially after I have removed them all.

This morning I had a look out the entree door and realised the perfect thing for the area would be a bench.
A bench to sit on in the morning sun enjoying a cup of tea, reading the newspaper while the huge leaves are dropping down on our lawn. So bench it is. The sun lounger was placed on the veranda, wet from all the rain yesterday. Didn't look like it had a great time, so I moved it to our entree door and voila! It is using a bit of space but at the moment it is perfect spot for it in the sun.

It is lunch time here. Guess where it will be spent?

No big news on the tomato, pepper, pea and mini carrots seeds. They are being monitored and as soon as they show a little sign of life, picture will come. The tulip bulbs, however, are thriving by the looks of it.
Soon we will also have our garden furniture ready in the backyard.
Enjoy the warm days.

15 July 2011


It is a bit wet and rainy here today (and yesterday). The heat pump is my best friend at the moment...

However, better days are on the way. Just have to wait....

Here is a little teaser for you guys who are thinking of coming for a visit this summer.

11 July 2011


Yesterday was a lovely day with a hint of spring weather. I wore a cardigan out for a walk and the temperature was just right. Even the shops had a hint of spring. Some few spring garments had already arrived which made the taste of better months even stronger. These are my favourites from Jacqui-E, an Australian brand with a selection of both casual- and work wear. I especially like the trousers and skirt. Spring is more than welcome.

All pictures from Jacqui-E.

9 July 2011

House and Garden *July*

Another month has gone past and a few new things have happened in our house and garden.

The winter is still here, but we have had a few nice, warm days so there are still possibilities to do a bit of work in the garden.

Since last time - the IKEA shelf has arrived! Believe it or not! The hope of getting it transported over the ditch (from Australia) had almost gone, so the surprise was big when a delivery confirmation was received. Not the best customer service from the company. However, we are very happy with the shelf. It fits perfectly into our living room and it looks like it is made for the wall.
Here it is:

The long awaited shelf has arrived!

2 July 2011

Winter in Auckland

This beautiful view met me on the way home the other day. If it wasn't for the temperature, you would think it was summer. The weather seems to last through the weekend as well. Chilly days, but well worth it when the sun is back.

Hang With Me

Wish you a great, warm and sunny weekend with this catchy song from Swedish Robyn.
Great easy listening and ubercool haircut. Me like!

25 June 2011

A Dyrberg & Kern copy

After a drab day at work (there are some few at the moment) I had to pop by the colorful "The 3rd Eye" to get my mood up before I was heading back home.
...and it helped. Look what I found.
Doesn't it look a lot like the style of the Danish brand Dyrberg & Kern?

Guess what has arrived?

It's finally here...
We have been waiting for this since beginning of May.
With several delays we almost gave up, but we wanted it so much. It fits perfect...

11 June 2011

It's out!

On Friday morning this beauty was showing off its good looks.

Isn't it amazing? Easy to understand where it got its name from....

Bird of Paradise

6 June 2011

House and Garden *June*


Thought I'd send out a little overview of what is going on in the house & garden since last time I wrote about it.

Last weekend, we bought red bar chairs for the kitchen. Looks great and works really well.
Now, we can have breakfast by the kitchen bench and there are heaps of space to read the newspaper on the bench - as opposed to spreading the paper all over the floor and bend down to read it (= bad back).
NZ Herald is a huge newspaper!!!

Breakfast bar. Wine only served after 12 a.m.
We have ordered new venetian blinds and roller blind for the house. Still some few weeks to wait, but think it will look fab.
Next on the list, will be lined curtains.If anyone knows about curtain makers with a great selection of curtain fabrics, please leave a comment.

Oh...and I almost forgot. We are looking for a coat rack or two for the hallway and these are our favourites.

29 May 2011

Temping again...

It didn't take long after last article before I was back behind a computer again...

So I am back into the workforce, working in the city and it is a great place to work cause I get to walk through this street every day!!!
The hustle and bustle is starting already in the morning when I walk past to work. People of all stages of life are sitting outside on the cafes and benches, school kids in their uniforms, people on the way to work and shop windows with a selection you wouldn't see anywhere else. Some pubs seems to just have closed from last night and the party goers of the night are on the way home (not sure if that is how it is thought, just looking like it).

22 May 2011

Working nine to five

Well...I am not really there yet but the weeks are going by with interviews and work application and it is all a bit interesting to see where it all ends. Piano player, dog walker or the mad hatter?? Time will tell..

Another fun part of finding a job is to also find some good and appropriate work wear.
We don't have casual Friday's every day down under and we get to dress up a bit. Fun!
Below is from the Cue collection 2011 where you can see what is available here.
This is my favourite "power suit" shop and aren't all those 50's and 60's dresses really smart?
I love it!

Thought about adding the above Dolly Parton song to this little article, but I just can't. I don't like it. Basta.
So Cue collection instead. Hope you like it.

To see some more of the collection, check out www.cue.cc
...and hey Cue! If you have leftover clothes and want to send me some, please send me an e-mail.

17 May 2011

Happy 17th!

You can pull a Weegie out of Weegieland, but you can't pull the Weegieland out of a Weegie...
Does it make any sense?

It is 17th of May and it is our national day in Norway. It is the day to celebrate our country, to get soaked in the rain, freeze our a** off (in new summer clothes in 10C), eat as much ice cream you can handle (in the cold), hot dogs (to heat up again) and to watch the celebration all around the country on NRK (Weegie telly).
A lovely day.

It is quite nice though. Especially to see the children and the national costumes. You won't see anything like it in other countries.
The day will also be celebrated by the ex-pats around the world. Even here in my garden. I have hung up an old flag from my school days. So here it is. I haven't forgotten it... Hip, hip hooray!!!

Tonight we are off to see Danny Bhoy so that will be our celebration of the day. Heaps of laughter and sore tummy muscles (or whatever is left there).
Happy 17th!

8 May 2011

Hoof it!

It's time for some funny commercials again!
This is a good, old Toyota commercial showing the daily life on a farm where absolutely everything goes wrong. The word " bugger" is used a few times in this commercial to show the frustration. New Zealand farmers may be known for being people of few words. It is good then to have one word saying it all.

The word was used as a swear word years ago, but has softened its meaning over the years. As far as I remember, there still were some protest after this ad was aired on TV.
In other English speaking countries it has more of a sexual meaning, so the commercial was actually banned some places. Enough said.
It's funny- and that's all that matters.

Another Toyota commercial showing very determined bulls.
Hoof it, mate!

5 May 2011

Rotorua - sulphate heaven

ok...that was a bit mean to write, because the place doesn't smell that bad. It does smell though, now and then you get a whiff of the sulphate from the bubbling thermal mud pools close to the town.

During the Easter holiday we went to Rotorua, approx 2,5 hours drive south of Auckland. It is a very popular place to visit for tourists as it is high on Maori history and culture and has a lot of activities to offer.
We have been there at least a couple of times before and tried most of the activities the place has to offer, so this time we took it a bit easier.

The Polynesian Spa was high on our to do list this time around. It is a bit of luxury to visit the outdoor spas with natural geothermal water (said to be healing) with a temperature up to 41C. Massages and mud baths are also available and if you are worried about kids splashing into the water next to you, don't, as there are separate adult and family spas. Yey!

30 April 2011

Goosebump music

It's time for some goosebump music after hours in front of the TV watching the very romantic wedding.
This is birthday and Christmas at once for me. Listen to Andrea Bocelli and Zucchero performing together!
Listen to Miserere (and if you like to listen to Italian, you'll have the desert before the main)...

29 April 2011

Is it or isn't it?

What do you think?
You have probably seen her images before. These photos are taken by Alison Jackson, photographer, well known for her jaw dropping pictures of celebrity lookalikes. A while ago, we could see pictures of the queen sitting on the toilet, Elton John getting a colonic and Keith Richard ironing his knickers. Sounds familiar?

During these pre-wedding days I thought these photos were appropriate while we are counting down to see THE dress. For more photos, check her web page at http://www.alisonjackson.com/

The Royals' preparations for the big day. Picture from www.alisonjackson.com

The Queen and Kate getting to know each other while watching the horses....Picture from www.uncut247.com

27 April 2011

Herbert has moved in!

Now you probably think we have gotten a flatmate or a cat or something dodgy....and it could have been if it wasn't for that Herbert is a....


21 April 2011

A travel bug is popping by

The last few months I have been shouting from the rooftop that I was tired of travelling and packing suitcases to everyone that could be bothered to listen to it. And it is correct. I have been tired of travelling. We are not normally just going on a holiday when we are travelling, we are actually going to live there.
It is a big difference from a weeks holiday to going through the paperwork, packing and to find a new place to live - and then get used to living there which can be both a positive and negative experience. Usually it is a mix of both. On the other hand, it is our choice to do it and we do get a thrill out of it.
We always meet lovely people wherever we go and we have friends all over the world which is really nice when you go back to catch up again. All the photos I have taken during the years will be a lovely memory board one day. I have plans of making one.

Anyway, the other day I felt a little pang of a travel bug saying hello. I was a bit surprised. Not that I have any wishes to go anywhere now (apart from small weekend trips), but it was just a lovely feeling to know that the travel bug hasn't gone totally. So I started looking through old photos, had a laugh, thought about the good memories (the bad ones disappear over time) and thought - maybe one day we are off again?
Not now though or anytime soon. I am really loving it settling down here in our new house.

The first photos I went back to was from our trip to San Francisco in 2008. My better half was working up the coast and towards the end of his project I got to visit and we had a lovely trip getting to know the city.
It is a great place. The city is super busy, but the places outside like Sausalito, the wharf, and all the different nationalities and food selection, the vineyard trip and the boat trip with a friend of my husband calms you down after all the hustle and bustle of inner city life. It was all lovely. So I thought I share some photos of San Fran with you all.

Cheers to the travel bug!

Morning view from our friend's boat with a coffee in my hand. Priceless.

19 April 2011

Danish Coffee Cake

This recipe was found in my favourite Danish magazine, Alt for Damerne.
I have been testing this recipe a couple of times now and it seems to work with all kind of fruit.
In the original recipe bananas were used, but since I had heaps of feijoas and apples on my kitchen bench I thought I rather use that. For those of you that don't know the feijoa fruit, it tastes slightly sweeter than the kiwi fruit.

Picture from www.altfordamerne.dk

13 April 2011

It's not just a suitcase

After years of travelling,I know what a good suitcase is. I also know the bad ones. The ones you have to drag after you cause the wheels don't really work or the ones that always fall over.

Here are a different league of suitcases - The Louis Vuitton collection.
I would love to have just one of them - even a half one.
Would never dare to check it in on a plane, rather just look at it from my lounge. Maybe with an old teacup on top of it.

Aren't they lovely?

12 April 2011


A couple of weeks back I visited my hairdresser angel Sarah in Upper Queen Street. I feel so lucky to have found her as she is a wizard with the scissors and the colors. After three hours of pampering it was time for lunch and sightseeing.

Upper Queen Street is just a short walk from K-road (or the mouthful Karangahape Road), an alternative area with colorful gift shops at daytime and a very colorful party area at nighttime.

St. Kevin's Arcade
St. Kevin's Cafe - smoothie heaven!

5 April 2011

Pooky Street

I have been looking for these commercials for a while but could not for my bare life remember who had made them. Today, they popped up on TV again. This is from the power supplier Genersis Energy NZ and the stars of the video are the little pukeko family. Pukeko is a NZ native bird. Aren't they cute? Just look at how the little ones are walking...ahhh...

...and one more...

"Scroll down" to see Behind the Scenes...

4 April 2011

Gone pottery!

This weekend my dear husband took me on a surprise trip since it was my day on Saturday (and he is the expert of surprises).
So I packed my bag and got into the car in a hurry and off we went. The trip went past endless, beautiful landscapes. Green hills, vineyards, art galleries, small cafes all the way.
I couldn't be more surprised when he turned off at the Morris & James pottery shop.
What a place!

Picture from www.purematakana.co.nz

We arrived in beautiful sunny weather to a place that just makes your shoulders fall back in place.
In the backyard you'll find the Pottery Cafe where you can sit down and enjoy the pottery exhibited in the garden while getting a top up of caffeine.

1 April 2011

Danny Bhoy

This is a previous post from me, but it is SO worth to have a second look here.
Danny Bhoy is coming back to Auckland to perform at the ASB Theatre on the 16th and 17th of May (and I dare to tell you, cause I have already gotten tickets...tihi :)

Danny Bhoy - Messenger (please do not shoot)

The International Comedy Festival is starting on the 29th of April (you very lucky people!!!) and here you can read about the comedians coming to the city and this is the place to book tickets to see Mr. Bhoy.
He will also visit Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Hastings, Invercargill and New Plymouth.
Have fun!

31 March 2011

Bookshelf hunt

New update! Myflatpack has now updated their webpage and it is a lot more informative with pictures attached to each item. I have sent them an order for below bookshelf and am waiting for a confirmation.
If I am lucky, the Expedit bookshelf may be in our house early May. Picture will come...

A few weeks ago we moved into our new house, unpacked boxes and a container and are now slowly getting sorted. There are a few things we want to replace when the time is right, but there is one thing we need NOW.

A bookshelf....

If you are used to having IKEA nearby and you don't anymore, you feel a bit lost.
Where to go next?

This was the one we wanted...a simple, reasonable bookshelf, strong with a thick frame around it and nothing more. Our books are going to live there, not the queen, so we just need it to be simple looking.

YES PLEASE.... Expedit bookshelf from IKEA

....but instead there are a lot of settler style bookshelves to find here.
Dark wood, a bit old fashion, heavy looking things.

29 March 2011

Cirque du Soleil is back....

Well, you have to wait until August for them to be back in Auckland. The chance is here already to get tickets (if you are a Cirque du Soleil member that is).

Many years ago, I was working for Cirque du Soleil while they were in Auckland with their Alegria show.
Almost every night for six weeks I saw the show twice a night. I was one of the ushers (no I wasn't a stand in acrobat sorry) standing by the door, either checking the tickets or leading the patrons to their seats. It was a fun job and something totally different to do.

Picture from www.cirquedusoleil.com

28 March 2011

If this doesn't make you fly....

Here is the latest Air NZ commercial with Richard Simmons as the star of this in flight safety video.
This time the crew has kept their clothes on and are instead showing us the 80's aerobic moves.
You may also notice that Paul Henry (former TVNZ broadcaster) and Phil Keoghan (host of Amazing Race) are in it as well. Move your body!!!

19 March 2011


This expression comes from a necklace I have from Swedish jewellery designer Efva Attling. It means "The way to the stars". The necklace was found at a dealer in Amagerbrodgade in Copenhagen on this trip.
Oh, and I almost forgotten to tell you. Got the "Two Some" earrings on this trip.

SIC ITUR AD ASTRA necklace from Efva Attling

I really love jewellery in every color and shape, but they should not be unpleasant to wear.
I always find new favourites, but there are some I always will fall back to and wear over and over again.
I do not prefer a particular style of jewellery. One day I am wearing turquoise beads and color all over the place. The next day it is back to my minimalistic silver wear. It depends on the day, weather, mood and what I am doing.

One of my favourite Scandinavian jewellery designer's is Efva Attling from Stockholm, Sweden.
You may already have heard about her. Does the HOMO SAPIENS and CARPE DIEM jewellery sound familiar?