22 April 2012

House & garden *April*

 Hello again!

We haven't had a lot of activities around the house and garden the last couple of months (hence no updates in February and March). Most of the hours have been spent at work. Yeah. I know. It sucks... :)
One thing has been done though and we are very, very happy with it.

During the Easter weekend all three handymen (husband, brother-in-law and father-in-law) in the family turned up to work in our backyard.
The cobblestones were moved so it could be leveled and a patio made.

Luckily, they all knew what to do. The machines were running for a couple of days, a lot of noise and dust, but hey! it looks good.

The next job will be the plant boxes along the walls.

Here are some photos:

The backyard after its face lift