28 February 2010

Mother-in-law's spice cake

Dear mother-in-law,

I have made a cake today and I thought you needed this recipe since the cake is "named" after you....and it taste good as well!

The ingredients as follow:

1 ltr / 1000 ml / ca 4 1/2 cups flour
7 1/2 dl sugar
3 ts cinnamon
1 ts grounded clover
1 tbsp sodium bicarbonate / baking soda
1 egg
7 1/2 dl buttermilk
150 gr butter

Preheat oven to 200C. Melt the butter. When it has cooled down, mix it with egg and milk. Add all the dry ingredients. Pour it all into a tray and bake it for approx. 45 minutes. It is nice when it gets a bit crunchy on the top....

PS. Icing on the spice cake is really, really yummy!

Dig in!

PSPS. No pictures sorry. Too late...

27 February 2010

New design - spool knitted necklace

Ok, I just had to try. Got a bit tired of just making the bracelets and also thought it would be good to have knitted sets. This is my first attempt.
I think I have to test some more....

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26 February 2010

Pearl Twist Bracelet

This is another technique that I learned in Anacortes.
It is called Pearl Twist "over there" where you embroider the beads into a spiral.

I have only made a few of these and need some more training. It takes a bit of time to make but it is good fun to do!

Pearl Twist Bracelet

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25 February 2010

More jewellery pictures

More jewellery

Turquoise Glass Bead Pearl Twist bracelet

This one was sold today but just to give you an idea what can be made. I am currently looking for more beads so there may be another similar one coming soon.

Cluster necklaces in turquoise and pink. Six rows of beads have been plated together. Assorted beads of swarovski, mother of pearl, rose quarts, crystals and seed beads have been used.

Wrap around faux leather bracelet.
It is made of pink, square swarovski & silver colored charms and lock.
It can also be used as a necklace.
Length: 56 cm long

"Savannah" statement necklace made of brown, autumn yellow and grey glass beads and freshwater pearls. As a focal point I ave used tiger eye triangel beads and glass foil beads. Purple seed beads are used as spacers. The clasp lock and extension chain are silver colored. 
The necklace is approx. 47 cm + 6 cm extension chain.  
NZD 25,-. + postage.


Illusion necklace with moonstone pendant

Illusion necklace w/moonstone briolette pendant, light blue mother of pearl glassbeads (two sizes), white swarovski, plum colored seed beads and silver colored clasp.
Lenght from bead to bead: ca. 42 cm. Extension chain ca. 6 cm.  
NZD 25,- + postage.

Pearl Twist bracelet with light blue mother of pearl glassbeads
Pearl Twist bracelet made of light blue mother of pearl glass beads (two sizes), plum colored seed beads, white pearls and silver colored toggle lock.  

Pearl Twist is a technique where the beads are embroidered in a spiral around the bracelet's core.

Pearl Twist bracelet in berry colors

Pearl Twist bracelet w/pink, brown and burgundy colored freshwater pearls, rose quarts and amethyst chips, brown and dark blue seed beads and a mix of various beads + toggle lock.

Christmas anyone? Red spool knitted bracelet with Garnet and Czech beads, pewter caps and focal point glass bead. 

Turqoise spool knitted bracelet with Czech beads, pewter caps and focal point glass bead.

Red Pearl Twist bracelet made of red glass pearls, teardrop beads and seed beads.Silver colored toggle lock. 

Knitted bracelet with green beads
Black spool knitted bracelet with green crystals, swarovski and black agate focial point bead. Star shaped silver colored caps.

Read Pearl Twist made of red glassbeads in various shapes. Silver toggle lock.

Turqoise Pearl Twist bracelet made of turqoise chips, turqoise seed beads and silver colored toggle lock.

Spool knitted bracelet w/bronze colored wire, pink and brown freshwater pearls, Czech beads, gold cones and glass focal point bead.

Spool knitted necklace w/bronze colored wire, pink and brown freshwater pearls, gold cones, seed beads and gold toggle lock

Pearl Twist bracelet 8 mm turqoise glass beads, green and turqoise Czech beads, seed beads w/chain and clasp.

Amethyst Swarovski earrings

Turqoise Swarovski earrings

Nut Swarovski earrings

Jet Swarovski earrings
Big (but light weighted) Swarovski earrings with silver colored "stardust" beads and metal beads.

Black spool knitted necklace with 7-8mm dark blue freshwater pearls, small Jet Swarovski beads, pewter caps, seed beads, silver plated chain and silver colored clasp.

 Black spool knitted bracelet with 7-8mm dark blue freshwater pearls, small Jet Swarovski beads, focal point glass bead (looks like Swarovski) and pewter caps.

Purple spool knitted bracelet w/fresh water beads, Czech beads and pewter flower caps and hollowed shaped focal point bead

24 February 2010

Spool knitted bracelet

Hi everyone!

It was time to add an English version of "Smykkeboden" (my Norwegian jewellery blog) so here it is! I hope you will enjoy it.

While I stayed in Anacortes, WA for about three months I went to some few jewellery courses and learned some new techniques I haven't seen back home in Norway.
The first thing I learned was to make the spool knitted bracelet. Wire is used to make them and beads (swarovski, freshwater pearls etc) is knitted inside as a spiral. No clasp is neaded as the wire is a little bit stretchy and the bracelet should fit most people. In the middle you can use a special bead as a focal point.

Spool knitted bracelet

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