30 November 2010

Christmas in town

I took some photos on the way to the cinema tonight. I haven't gotten the Christmas spirit yet, but think the lights in town are beautiful.

28 November 2010

Winter reality

Woke up from my warm summer memories and realized winter is still on.

I had a trip to Mandal (approx 45 min west from Kristiansand) to visit my friend Nina today.
The weather is freezing. The wind make the temperature feel like it is -15C and it is not refreshing any more.
I can tell you that. This weather make you appreciate the heat inside your house.

I took these pics with my mobile phone on the way home this evening.
The Christmas decorations are out and it looks pretty cosy. I will try and get some more pictures from the main street later.

This is from Skippergata, one of my favorite streets in Kristiansand.

Christmas decorations in a shop window

27 November 2010

Summer memories

The boxes have gone (and yes...they will end up with dear Mrs. M until we have our own place - see her cheecky comment on my last article), my shoulders feels way lighter and the apartment is very empty.
Winter has arrived here, -10C at the moment. Freezing...Yes....

My thoughts are with you all out there in the cold wherever you are in the world. It is painful to be cold. We need warm memories. That's why I hereby send you some warm thoughts with the help of my pictures from Auckland last summer.

Have a cup of tea, get your blanket, close your eyes and think about your favorite beach, white sand, blue skies and summer music.
Are you there yet?

Devonport, Auckland

22 November 2010

Ready packed (almost)

It's been a bit quiet from my side lately and it has its reasons.
I am packing stuff that is going to New Zealand soon. Tuesday is the day for shipping and everything has to be ready by then. Then it takes about 7-9 weeks before it arrives - approximately the same time I arrive.

So that's what I have been doing this weekend. So boring. I can't wait to have it done.

This is what it looks like when a room is full of boxes:
4,5 years of stuff

13 November 2010

Dear Mum

Mum had her birthday on Tuesday and we are going to celebrate her on Saturday. Everyone in the clan is getting together at my parents' place for some good food and laughs.

I made this Pearl Twist necklace for her on her big day and it should match the bracelet she picked out from my bracelet stack a few months ago. I know she has used it a lot and wanted something that she could wear with it.
The color is as vibrant as she is and should match her good mood and chic style when she is at the local cafe with her friends.

At least she is ready for the summer (we just have to get through the winter first...). The sun will be returning soon though. It can come now. Mum is ready.
Happy birthday Mum!

Pearl Twist necklace made of turqoise chips, swarovski and glass beads

..and here is the bracet it will be worn with...

5 November 2010

It's a wrap!

You may remember a while back that my husband went to New Zealand and I was all about no jinxes and only hopes.
Well, it worked.
Now we are moving there. In January.
I am all excited and a tiny bit scared. It is far away from my home.

Anyway, I am sure it will be good to settle down for a while. We have had about 12 years of travelling + - with some longer stop-overs in between.

I am dreaming about my own garden with an olivetree, tomato plants and my bird-of-paradise back in place. Still hoping for a cat....hints....haha...(if I could make the word blink, it would....)

PS: If you by any chance are moving to Kristiansand, Norway (where I live now) and need furniture, have a look here (all in Norwegian). Please send me an email if any questions.

The Viaduct, Auckland

A lovely pohutukawa tree

View towards Devonport