10 November 2015

Day trip to visist jewellery designer Wilhelmine Ltd in Lillesand, Norway

This week we have visited jewellery designer Trine @ Wilhelmine Ltd at her shop Kunstkolonialen in Lillesand, Norway.
If you have followed me on my Facebook page "Tilla's Jewellery" you may have seen some of the pictures I have shared from Wilhelmine Ltd. The reason is I really love and admire her jewellery work and I am getting very inspired from her movie clips showing the jewellery she is making.

In January she shared a film clip where she is creating little hearts and this was the extra push I needed to find a jewellery evening class to join.

The shop Kunstkolonialen is a dream with beautiful jewellery and clothes.
On the picture you can see Trine with her co-worker Natali. We talked a little about jewellery making which gave me more inspiration to continue to learn more, to create more jewellery pieces and to keep going.
This is my dream (but I will have to keep my day job).

Natali & Trine

"How to create a heart" by Trine W Rønnevig (in Norwegian only).

2 November 2015

"LYKKE & ROCK ON" silver jewellery

Time is running and we are back in Norway for a little visit.
Before my trip, I wanted to make a few gifts for close family with coming up birthdays.
I managed to make a couple, but want to make more for future ones as it feels very special to give something so personal.

We have a new little family member in our family. He is now 10 months old and we got to meet him for the first time a week ago.

The "LYKKE" silver necklace (925S) is made for my niece who is the mother of our new family member. LYKKE means happiness which would describe very well what we all feel after having met this little gorgeous man. He has the biggest smile and is full of energy and make us all happy to have him around. It will be very hard to leave this little boy when it is time to return to New Zealand (thank god for Facebook!).

The "ROCK ON" bracelet is for my sister who is a lady full of personality both in her looks and the way she is. She is using this expression sometimes when it is time to move on with whatever you are doing. Very fitting for a busy lady and I think it suits her really well.

925S Silver necklace "LYKKE"

925S Silver bracelet pendant "ROCK ON" with mixed media bracelet of metal, leather and hollow rubber tubes