29 May 2011

Temping again...

It didn't take long after last article before I was back behind a computer again...

So I am back into the workforce, working in the city and it is a great place to work cause I get to walk through this street every day!!!
The hustle and bustle is starting already in the morning when I walk past to work. People of all stages of life are sitting outside on the cafes and benches, school kids in their uniforms, people on the way to work and shop windows with a selection you wouldn't see anywhere else. Some pubs seems to just have closed from last night and the party goers of the night are on the way home (not sure if that is how it is thought, just looking like it).

22 May 2011

Working nine to five

Well...I am not really there yet but the weeks are going by with interviews and work application and it is all a bit interesting to see where it all ends. Piano player, dog walker or the mad hatter?? Time will tell..

Another fun part of finding a job is to also find some good and appropriate work wear.
We don't have casual Friday's every day down under and we get to dress up a bit. Fun!
Below is from the Cue collection 2011 where you can see what is available here.
This is my favourite "power suit" shop and aren't all those 50's and 60's dresses really smart?
I love it!

Thought about adding the above Dolly Parton song to this little article, but I just can't. I don't like it. Basta.
So Cue collection instead. Hope you like it.

To see some more of the collection, check out www.cue.cc
...and hey Cue! If you have leftover clothes and want to send me some, please send me an e-mail.

17 May 2011

Happy 17th!

You can pull a Weegie out of Weegieland, but you can't pull the Weegieland out of a Weegie...
Does it make any sense?

It is 17th of May and it is our national day in Norway. It is the day to celebrate our country, to get soaked in the rain, freeze our a** off (in new summer clothes in 10C), eat as much ice cream you can handle (in the cold), hot dogs (to heat up again) and to watch the celebration all around the country on NRK (Weegie telly).
A lovely day.

It is quite nice though. Especially to see the children and the national costumes. You won't see anything like it in other countries.
The day will also be celebrated by the ex-pats around the world. Even here in my garden. I have hung up an old flag from my school days. So here it is. I haven't forgotten it... Hip, hip hooray!!!

Tonight we are off to see Danny Bhoy so that will be our celebration of the day. Heaps of laughter and sore tummy muscles (or whatever is left there).
Happy 17th!

8 May 2011

Hoof it!

It's time for some funny commercials again!
This is a good, old Toyota commercial showing the daily life on a farm where absolutely everything goes wrong. The word " bugger" is used a few times in this commercial to show the frustration. New Zealand farmers may be known for being people of few words. It is good then to have one word saying it all.

The word was used as a swear word years ago, but has softened its meaning over the years. As far as I remember, there still were some protest after this ad was aired on TV.
In other English speaking countries it has more of a sexual meaning, so the commercial was actually banned some places. Enough said.
It's funny- and that's all that matters.

Another Toyota commercial showing very determined bulls.
Hoof it, mate!

5 May 2011

Rotorua - sulphate heaven

ok...that was a bit mean to write, because the place doesn't smell that bad. It does smell though, now and then you get a whiff of the sulphate from the bubbling thermal mud pools close to the town.

During the Easter holiday we went to Rotorua, approx 2,5 hours drive south of Auckland. It is a very popular place to visit for tourists as it is high on Maori history and culture and has a lot of activities to offer.
We have been there at least a couple of times before and tried most of the activities the place has to offer, so this time we took it a bit easier.

The Polynesian Spa was high on our to do list this time around. It is a bit of luxury to visit the outdoor spas with natural geothermal water (said to be healing) with a temperature up to 41C. Massages and mud baths are also available and if you are worried about kids splashing into the water next to you, don't, as there are separate adult and family spas. Yey!