22 February 2015

Still here

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year!
We are well into the new year so better wish you a good one before this year passes as well.

The months has passed since my last article, I am back at work after the holiday in Norway, still biking in the weekends but have also started on a goldsmith evening course. You can see my first project, a silver ring, in the right corner of this page.
It is very interesting and something I always wanted to do and learn. We have now been through both annealing and soldering and my oh my there are a lot of files and sandpapers out there.

If you want to follow me on facebook, please check in on "Torhilds Rollings Beads" where I am writing about new jewellery projects.

We are in the middle of summer here in New Zealand, weather is good and it is lovely with the long days (even though most of them are spent in the office). Anyway, weekends are good. Life is good.

Found my wings