19 August 2012

House & garden *August*

It is still life at our place, even though the blog has been in hibernation for a while.

The spring is slowly starting up again, flowers are blossoming and the temperature is not scaring us inside to the heat pump anymore.

We have had a lovely, sunny weekend so today it was time for project Garden Centre. It has such a great selection and the vegetables can be planted already so no reason to wait anymore.

Got some broccoli/cauliflower mix, lettuces, strawberries, beetroots & also some seeds. Just have to try if we have better luck this year.
Also got some grass plants and one lily plant. Will get more later. We just have to test a little bit and see how much space we have.

A few weeks ago the flower boxes were lifted and later painted. I think it looks great and it is very user friendly as you do not have to get too far down to work in the garden. Great for the back... :)

Before adding height to the boxes

Height added, but not painted yet