27 May 2010


While traveling the world, I sometimes end up testing new services within hair, skin and whatever else comes my way. I thought I better write about it....

In Spain I had my eyebrows bleached instead of colored darker...oooops....language problems I guess or maybe just assumptions from the hairdresser that blond hair = blond eyebrows.
Once I had my hair bleached at a school for hairdresser's in Auckland. I think the products were old fashion (and cheap) as they made the skull really, really sore. After the coloring, I had a tough head massage while tears were threatening to run down my face while smiling to the girls for the superb treatment and a wet back after the hair wash.... Another experience I guess. Bliss....Pampering....Yeah right...but the girls at the school were very sweet and loved the experience to bleach my hair. I guess it didn't happen too often (this is probably 10 years ago).

26 May 2010

More Pearl Twist bracelets

Two new Pearl Twist bracelets are born!

This time I have made one turqoise and one in a pink, grey/white mix.

For more information, go to this secret place

Turqoise Pearl Twist Bracelet

Pearl Twist bracelet in pink, white and grey

24 May 2010

Eurovision 2010

You may have heard about Eurovision Song Contest...or maybe not. This is a song contest for several European countries where the competition is just as much about the costumes, dancing techniques and looks as it is about the song itself. Sometimes it is just about shocking people. Watch Lordi below and you will understand what I mean.

In younger years I remember sitting in front of the TV with a simple tape recorder, recording every song while the family were talking in the background. We didn't have a lot to be proud of as we never won and was on the bottom of the result list several times and even got 0 points four times. The Swedes however had all the good songs. Remember ABBA with "Waterloo" in 1974?

Time for a little medley for those of you that are curious...

First of all. This is my childhood heroes. Jan Teigen and Anita Skorgan was competing in several Eurovision shows, but never won. I don't know why. Both had (and have) beautiful voices and really good songs. Here is one called "Friendly". PS: This is not from a Eurovision show, but too good to leave out....

16 May 2010

Stein Roger Sørdal : Moving Clouds

I thought I would share a song from Stein Roger Sørdal's (local hero from Kristiansand) album "In Fort Knox with a Penny" (2007) . He is a guitar player, vocalist and songwriter in his own band and also in the band Angel Motel. He also had Thursday concerts with other musicians in Kristiansand during the summer months last year. Yey! Well, he did last year anyway. I hope it will be repeated this year.

Stein Roger Sørdal : Moving Clouds

I also would like to share a couple of songs from a band called Green Carnation. This is a progressive rock/metal band from Kristiansand, Norway who had their first album made in 1990. The band has changed their type of musical genre several times during the years. Stein Roger was a guitar player and vocalist in the band for many years.

14 May 2010


We are heading towards spring here, though it seems to only be on the calendar. The wind is cold and the spring flowers are still inside the apartment.
There is hope though. We are in May and the national day is on the coming Monday. Every school will be participating in the parades with flags and songs, orchestras will be playing and the weather will be great. Yeah right! At least it is a day where we can eat as many hotdogs and ice creams as we want.....(don't tell me it applies to kids only!!!)

Here are some photos from previous summers from both the south and north of Norway.

Søgnefjorden, south, summer -04

Søgnefjorden - the red houses are just for boat equipment...I think...

4 May 2010

Lollies on a string

I have been really efficient today and made another Pearl Twist bracelet!
These calming colors reminds me of lollies or berries...yum.... could almost eat it!

I have used pink, brown and burgundy colored freshwater pearls, rose quarts and amethyst chips and heaps of different beads that fitted in.

For more info, check: this

Pearl Twist bracelet in berry colors

3 May 2010

New Pearl Twist bracelet

You may remember the statement bracelet I made a while ago - if not, check the picture below...
I have now made another one with the same type of beads, just another color.
The last bracelet was a bit short, so I have made this one a little longer.
It is very chuncky, but not really heavy. I guess you can call it a statement bracelet (you don't need to wear any other jewelry when this is worn)....

I will make some more, so there will be more to come.

For more info, see here

Pearl Twist bracelet

Same, same but different :0)
For a reminder, se this link