15 June 2010

Lovely Copenhagen

Last week we left for a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. Life had gone a bit quiet at home and the RC-44 cup was on in Copenhagen which meant catchup's with people we know and a bit of shopping and dining for us both.

Copenhagen is a great city...and I know you like to read the facts, so here we go:
Facts from http://www.visitcopenhagen.com/press/statistics_and_facts/about_copenhagen "Copenhagen, Denmark's capital and Scandinavia's liveliest city, lies within the Øresund Region, which encompasses Scania, on the Swedish side, and Zealand and the island of Bornholm on the Danish side. Copenhagen has a population of around 1.7 million; the Øresund Region has a total population of 3.664.000 million".

Christianshavns Kanal/Channel
As you can see, Copenhagen is big enough to get lost in and to do a bit of exploring.
It is approx. 10 years since we last time visited the city so we needed a bit of exploring (with the help of a map) to find the main street called Strøget and to get our bearings again.

4 June 2010

Flash Mob Dance : Madcon : Glow

Here is Norwegian band Madcon who made a special song called "Glow" for the intermission at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Probably the best song during the whole song contest...haha
A film crew travelled around Europe to arrange a "Flash Mob Dance" where people get asked to meet a certain place to learn dance moves and then they make a music video of it.
The last time I saw this was Black Eyed Peas at a Oprah show.
Very cool! Well done! Hamburg and Dublin rocks!

By the way, Germany won the Eurovision this year.

2 June 2010

A-ha's farwell tour

This may not be of interest for you, but I thought I would write about it anyway as this is their farewell tour in Europe and some of you may be here to reach a concert during the summer and autumn months.

A-ha is traveling around Europe, Japan and Russia performing their farewell concerts in several cities after 25 years as a band. How sad... On the 11th of September they will be here in Kristiansand and I really hope we are here to see it.

I found these pictures from their farewell concert in New York in May.
Photographer : Janne Møller-Hansen. Have a look: http://www.vg.no/lydbilder/forsiden/vis/id/313

...and here is their touring list: http://a-ha.com/tour/

and we also need a little starter. This is "Foot Of The Mountain" from their last album of the same name. The main and dessert will be at the concert...yum...