21 November 2012

A visit to Gibbs Farm

I was surprised with a trip to Gibbs Farm last weekend. The farm is located in Kaipara, about one hour drive north of Auckland. You can see some of the sculptures from the road, but it absolutely worth a stop to see the whole park. There are also a good selection of animals. We saw emus, ostriches, bison, sheep and little lambs and giraffes. I even got the chance to feed a giraffe. That was a first!

This is an amazing privately owned sculpture park and open monthly by prior appointment only to artists,
educational institutions, charities and the public. During 3-4 hours walk you get to see amazing sculptures, landscape and animals (I fed a giraffe!!!). 
Another hint: the park is open on Friday 23rd November. 
More to read here: http://www.gibbsfarm.org.nz/about.php....

88.5° ARC x 8 by Bernar Venet

1 November 2012

House & garden *October*

Last weekend was lovely & sunny so all of Sunday was spent in the garden.
New plants have been added (even a lemon tree and swamp plants which attracts butterflies), some old plants have been removed or replantet.

We are now making salads from our homegrown lettuces. Hopefully the tomatoes will be just as successive as last year. Bring on the summer! :)
Bird of Paradise in blossom. Two more to come!

Lemon tree (very small) and parsley

Beetroot, broccoflower, lettuces and strawberries