9 August 2016

Waiheke Island - playground of the gods

This is a little greeting to my friend Jette who is soon coming to New Zealand. This is where we are going on one of her first days here.

15 June 2016

There will always be something in blue...

I love to test new colours, but always fall back to the blue.
So I had to create some blue jewellery for you as well.
These two are in Tilla web shop right now.

More Forest Green Jewellery

More Forest Green Jewellery is now added to the web shop.
The square silver pendant left the web shop after just a few days, but a new one is drying in my workshop now.
I am wearing one myself as well and love it! It fits in with so many of my winter outfits.
Hope you like it too.

6 June 2016

Paprika Red Jewellery - hot, hot & hot

I have been testing a new colour this week and I am so happy with it.
As I am not a person using the red colour at all, this one is actually one I could think of wearing.

I have made ear-studs, mix & match earrings, necklaces and bracelets.
Let me know what you think?

More information @ Tilla's web shop.

8 May 2016

925S Sterling silver "Birchwood" ring


This sterling silver ring is sleek and modern and has been handmade using traditional silversmith techniques.
The ring is hammered to create the grain pattern of wood and sand blasted to create a slightly matte finish.

The ring is 5mm wide and can be made to your measures.
For more information, please check Tilla's web shop where you also can make an order.

3 May 2016

From the work shop

My work shop is getting better and better.
About a week ago, I got a new work table made of a door (!!!) so I have heaps of space now.
Waiting for a draw to be attached underneath the peg (where all the sawing and filing is going on), so all the silver dust will be collected there.

Loving it!

17 April 2016

925S Sterling Silver "Little Snowflake" Earrings

Latest silver project is ready.
This time I have created a pair of silver earrings, they are handmade using traditional silversmith techniques.
The pattern is handmade with a stamp & a hammer.

Size:  200x100mm , light and easy to wear.

More information @ Tilla's web shop

3 April 2016

Hand-painted bracelets @ Tilla's

I have made a few bracelets lately. They are all hand-painted and covered in resin.
The bracelets are light to wear and will spice up your outfit of the day.

All bracelets are living in Tilla's web shop.

Calming jewellery in Forest Green

This is the Forest Green colour and I must say I really like it.
It is a very soothing colour and will mix perfectly with the autumn colours to come.

Necklace and chain bracelet are to be found in my Tilla web shop.
The ear-studs will follow the first Forest Green Jewellery order free of charge as they have a little scratch on the ear-pin. They are still fine to use.

Testing new colours @ Tilla's web shop

I collect new types of paint as I go. I started with only a couple of colours, and made one-coloured jewellery. Then realized, I could mix two colours and it turned out fabulous!
As you learn, you just want to try more. I got this beautiful forest green colour and it is very nice on its own, but when you mix it with a gold type of colour - it turned out to something exotic looking which got me thinking of rain forest, exotic flowers and birds.
What do you think? What would be the best name for this pattern?

All jewellery are for sale in my Tilla web shop. If you live outside of New Zealand and are interested in buying a piece, let me know which country you live in and I will send you the full international courier fee.

31 March 2016

925S "HAPPY" necklace in my web shop

My first 925S Sterling silver necklace is ready and available in Tilla's web shop.

This sterling silver necklace is sleek and modern and has been handmade using traditional silversmith techniques.
The pendant is hand stamped "HAPPY" and oxidized to darken the letters and make them stand out a little.

The pendant is 4 x 1 cm and is attached to a 50cm Sterling silver belcher chain.

6 March 2016

More hand painted jewellery

Here is the last collection of hand painted jewellery covered in resin.
For more information, check Tilla's web shop or Tilla's blog (there are links to click on at the right side of this blog).


21 February 2016

More colourful jewellery ready

Hi all
Sorry for the shortage of posts, but I have been busy creating more jewellery, selling some! and even created another web page for jewellery only.
As you know, I already have a web shop at Felt, now called Tilla (click on this link or on the logo on the right - and this will lead you to the shop).

In addition to the web shop, I have a Facebook page called "Tilla's Jewellery" where I update about all new jewellery I have made. Sometimes, friends let me know if they want to buy something on my FB page, but then I thought it would be handy to have my own web page for jewellery only.
This is the reason, Tilla's Jewellery is open and it will be only jewellery on this page. You can click on the picture under Tilla's Jewellery on the right side and it will also lead you to my web page.

Here are some few photos of new jewellery, but please have a look at my new web page for a full update.

4 January 2016

Arty heart pendants

I really enjoy mixing colors and creating new necklaces in happy, lovely colors.
Below you will find three new necklaces with matching earrings.
They are all in my web shop now. Chop chop bling friends! :)

Dark Blue & Turquoise arty heart pendant with matching ear studs

Gold & Cherry Red Arty Heart Pendant with matching ear studs

Dark Blue & Gold Arty Heart pendant