28 January 2011

Natalie raps

Check this out. Who would have thought it would come from sweet Natilie Portman (Black Swan actress)?
This is for all you kind ladies out there who need to scream and shout a bit.
Frustration is sooo last year....

27 January 2011

Old McDonald had a farm...

It's a warm day here in Auckland today, so warm that I had to sit in the shade to read my magazines.
I have also spent some time with the camera and befriended the emus chickens who are a funny bunch of...birds....
Well, they are bit older than chickens now. I would almost call them teenagers. They make a lot of noise, mess and have cool hairdo's.
Below you can see the fab five catching up through the fence. One is even trying to steal my camera!
If I hadn't been watching, there wouldn't be any more pictures....uhh...

Cute camera thief

24 January 2011

Back in Auckland

Hi all!

We arrived Auckland this morning after approx 38 hours of travelling, tired, hungry and in big need for a shower and clean clothes. It was raining and luckily not too warm.

I have used the day unpacking summer clothes and to stay awake. My darling went to work. The longer we stay awake, the faster we will be back into normal hours here. It is hard though. I even fall asleep while writing this.

The goodbyes with family and friends were sad. We had a lovely dinner with my friends the last night back home. A lot of laughs and good stories, but also some tears when the time for goodbyes came.
It has made me realize that I am very lucky to have such good friends and a lovely family that I will miss dearly. I am already hoping for visits when we are a bit more sorted here.

It is good to be here though. Don't misunderstand me. I am looking forward to start over again and to live with my darling husband again. It will be exciting to see what will come our way in regards to work and housing.
There are a lot of work to come, but we just have to enjoy it.

...and the summer is here....and this is a very lovely place.

Take care. I will write more later. Time for sleep.

8 January 2011

For the ladies

Check out the sugar lumps, ladies! It's Friday!

The Sartorialist : A Visual Life

Have a look at this great little documentary of the photographer behind the popular fashion site called "The Sartorialist".
Scott Schuman takes photos of young and old, rich and poor to show you and me that everyone can have a fashion sense whatever stage of life they are in. The pictures are from London, New York, Sydney and several other places around the globe. And it is not just about known designer brands. You'll find every type of garments here.

I love to look at his pictures. If you have 7 minutes to spare & love to be inspired, have a look!

You'll find the link to his fashion page on the right side of my blog page.

4 January 2011

Welcome Home!

This is how I want to be welcomed at the airport from now on. No way back. This is it!
This is a commercial for T-Mobile made at Heathrow Airport last October.

3 January 2011

New beginnings

Happy New Year everyone!

I just wanted to thank you all for popping by my blog the last year.
It has been fun to write and to see that people from all over the world are visiting.
Wonder who you are?

Well, a new year has just started. I hope it will bring a lot of fun and good things into your lives.
...and I hope to see you visiting in 2011 as well.

All the best for the new year!

From Ocean Beach, San Diego in 2009