9 June 2012

At the vet

A week ago, little Bella had to visit the vet to be spayed (it is part of the contract and this way she would be free to roam around outside during daytime). At the office, the vet asked if they could do a few tests and later had to take even more tests as they were abnormal. Serious illnesses could be the result (liver and bone diseases) and we were all a bit worried what would come next.

A whole week went by with worry and a few tears.
However, on Friday we got the good news. Bella's tests were fine but she has to do some new ones in a months time. Just to be sure everything is fine.
On Monday she will be back at the vet to be spayed. Hopefully it will be fine and she will be a happy cat who can run around outside, spy on the birds and catch flies and other insects.

..and we are happy again...

Bella on the sheep skin

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