21 February 2016

More colourful jewellery ready

Hi all
Sorry for the shortage of posts, but I have been busy creating more jewellery, selling some! and even created another web page for jewellery only.
As you know, I already have a web shop at Felt, now called Tilla (click on this link or on the logo on the right - and this will lead you to the shop).

In addition to the web shop, I have a Facebook page called "Tilla's Jewellery" where I update about all new jewellery I have made. Sometimes, friends let me know if they want to buy something on my FB page, but then I thought it would be handy to have my own web page for jewellery only.
This is the reason, Tilla's Jewellery is open and it will be only jewellery on this page. You can click on the picture under Tilla's Jewellery on the right side and it will also lead you to my web page.

Here are some few photos of new jewellery, but please have a look at my new web page for a full update.

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