17 December 2010

A weekend in Oslo

Last weekend my friend N. and I went to Oslo to visit my friend J.
This has been planned for weeks and guess who was looking forward to a weekend of indulgence in shops, restaurants and a late morning in the hotel.
We did!
We arrived Oslo on Saturday noon to icy roads and a lovely lunch at Bølgen and Moi, known for its very delicious food and I must say interior as well. After our blood sugar levels were back on track, we went to the hotel to put our bags into storage - and then it was straight into shopping heaven.
The selection of shops in Oslo are great and it is fun to have a look around. Not that we bought a lot. Shocking, I know, but I think we were a bit overwhelmed from the selection of brands.
Nevermind. We had a good time anyway. 
Ahhh...the lovely food at Olivia. I have to check the address, cause everyone who is visiting Oslo, should go to this lovely place.

On Sunday we visited Vigelandsparken. For those of you who have been there, will probably only remember all the naked sculptures. Actually 212 of them. This is the biggest sculpture park in the world where the sculptures are made of only one artist. His name is Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943). He was also designing the park itself and the park was finished between 1939 and 1949. Isn't it lovely and peaceful?

The most popular sculpture is "Sinnataggen" (the angry boy). You can see him in the background of the picture of my dear friends N. and J.

Thank you Ms. J for being a fabulous guide!
Ms. N and Ms. J - a lot happier than Sinnataggen


View from Monolitten

Monolitten, 121 human scupltures made out of one block of granite
Gustav Vigeland was building Monolitten from 1929 to 1943. Most of the time there were three artists working on this sculpture together. The park was mainly finished in 1950 and the artist did not get to see the park fully finished.
Maybe girlfriends?

The park shows human scupltures of all ages.

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  1. What a nice weekend in Oslo - great being your guide. Thanks for visiting.
    Here´s the link to Olivia http://oliviarestauranter.no/
    Kind Regards Ms. J


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