24 March 2010

Symonds Str & K-road

Autumn has definitely arrived in Auckland. No doubt about it. The first autumn day (according to the calendar) was on the 1st of March and since then the weather has gone from good to even better (it has cooled down a bit)...ha ha

I had a walk up Symonds Street yesterday morning. It is an area I really like to walk around because of the lovely buildings. I especially like some of the older University buildings and churches.

My favorite church would be St. Paul's Church. It has lovely doors and windows and was a good photo target. Have a look:

St. Paul's Church
Construction date: 1895 - Architect: William Henry Skinner.

If you want to read more about St. Paul's church: http://www.flickr.com/photos/geoff-inoz/4397580346/

I also wanted to take some photos from the University buildings, but there were too many students out and about and I felt more like a stalker....ha ha....so this is it...

Further up Symonds Street, you can cross into K-road (also called Karangahape Road) which is a colorful street full of bars, restaurants and shops. During day time it is a fairly normal street (I have seen the odd snowman chasing a "lady of the night" down the street), but at night the street turns into the place to go for a good party. Some years ago we had a hens night at Caluzzi bar www.caluzzi.co.nz which was good fun with delicious food and drinks and the "ladies" entertaining us. It was a memory for life and I think we are all still giggling when watching the photos...sorry no photos....this was before the digital camera arrived in my house.... very sorry...indeed. PS. The wedding was good fun as well. :0)

Got a bit sidetracked there sorry. Back to the shops in K-road:  You can find second hand shops, gift- and clothes shops there. My favorite is "The 3rd Eye". It has a good selection of really colorful clothes, jewelry, interior, shoes and bags. Most of it is made in Thailand.

The 3rd Eye, K-road

Sorry about the bad photo quality. I get so shaken (but not stirred) when I see this kind of a "bargain castle".
Retail therapy anyone?

We are going to move to the farm in the weekend and will stay there the last couple of weeks.
Packing is the only thing left now which is the boring bit of traveling (apart from the 40 hours trip at the worst). The good bit is that we are getting back to spring time....yeahhh!!!

1 piece overweight Samsonite and 1 piece mini-me
(who will grow into a big suitcase one day)

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