29 May 2011

Temping again...

It didn't take long after last article before I was back behind a computer again...

So I am back into the workforce, working in the city and it is a great place to work cause I get to walk through this street every day!!!
The hustle and bustle is starting already in the morning when I walk past to work. People of all stages of life are sitting outside on the cafes and benches, school kids in their uniforms, people on the way to work and shop windows with a selection you wouldn't see anywhere else. Some pubs seems to just have closed from last night and the party goers of the night are on the way home (not sure if that is how it is thought, just looking like it).

On Friday I was walking through K-road and down Queen Street to get the train home and I had all kind of impressions from the busy inner city life.

Imagine this: in 20 minutes you'll see people going out for a party (incl. leopard skirts and ripped stockings)  incense smell from that shop (read my last article from K-road), delicious food smell from every corner of the world, clothes shops you can only dream of (or rather nightmarish ones), second hand shops, Hare Krishna's singing, a mix of every nationality walking up and down the streets, street musicians, open shops, police sirens and laughter.

I quite like it.

Below is a couple of pictures from last year's Busker Festival. Nice body stockings... :)

From the Busker Festival 2010 in Downtown Auckland

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  1. sounds good!!! hope to see this street one day!!!! xxx


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