25 October 2012

San Diego & House of Norway

A few years ago while my better half lived in the States (and I was able to visit a few times), I visted my friend Deanna in San Diego. 

There are heaps more photos but below pictures are from the Balboa Park where House of Norway is located (and a lot of houses from other countries). A great place to learn about other nationalities and to visit if you are a tiny bit homesick.

The other day I sent a few photos from last visit in 2009 and got a message back that they were going to visit the same house the next day! What a coincidence! Today I received a photo from the house with greetings. It made my day! :) Thanks Deanna!

Deanna and I in front of House of Norway in 2009

Deanna with greeting by the house in 2012

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