15 December 2012

Summer Christmas

For the  first time, we are celebrating Christmas Day in our own house and the family will come to visit us.
Previous years, we have either travelled and visiting the family for a few weeks so there have been very little decorating earlier (apart from last year when I started decorating in the small).

I have tried to mix New Zealand summer decorations with Norwegian traditional decorations.
As I always say, I never really get used to the summer Christmas. On the other hand it is quite easy to be able to sit outside having a meal from the BBQ with roasted veggies and salads.

Happy Christmas!

Isn't it cute?
Christmas tree with snow and butterflies, angels and birds
My grandparent's bird (it is out all year by the way)
NZ party bird :)

Bullfinch (dompapp)
Glass angel

Hearts from Norway


Santa & Co.

The Santa Family from Norway

Hadeland Glass Santas, stars from Morris & James
Glass tree house

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