14 January 2013

Life so far....

Hi and Happy New Year to you all!

We are well into January already and the blog has been very quiet. The reason is the extremely good weather we have had down under. Totally true. The computer has not been a tempting place to stay by.

Both Christmas and New Year is over. We had the family over for Christmas Day and friends visited us on New Years Eve. It has been a bit of cooking and the BBQ never really cooled down....
It has been very good though. The backyard has been used a lot, especially after we got a sun umbrella installed. Awesome to be able to sit in the shade.

The beading has had a long break. The creativity and ideas I usually had, dried up. Life got to busy with work, overtime, weekend work etc. It was in my thoughts the whole time though. Some projects were running around in my head, but it stopped there. I was  even thinking of joining a jewellery technique study, but after some research it wasn't really me. I still want to do some courses though.

I have started beading again now though. The last 3-4 days has been spent in the backyard with all my beading stash, necklaces and bracelets have been made. Some are already sold and it is always fun when someone else likes your handmade jewellery.

I will continue showing my jewellery here on the blog. Later I may even make my own Facebook page and I will let you know when that happens. In the meantime, new creations will turn up here and you may even get some ideas yourself what to make next time.

So here we go again.

In three weeks I am starting in a new job as well. I am really looking forward to it and at the same time I am very much enjoying the days beading in the backyard.

Have a great January!

Talk soon.

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