13 March 2013

First jewellery course

I have decided to join a few jewellery courses the next couple of months.

The first one was a week ago, just up the road from where I live and after work so really just perfect.

This time we learned to make a Colour Blended bracelet.
Neadle, black Fireline tread and six different seed beads colors were needed. We were six ladies around the table and a superb teacher - and off we went.

First we made a ladder which later turned out to be the support and back of the bracelet and later more beads were added to the front of the bracelet.

This is the result :

Half finished

The "ladder" on the back of the bracelet

I am now looking forward to the next course next week where we are going to learn to make heart pendants and earrings from Swarovski beads. Stay tuned! :)

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