16 May 2010

Stein Roger Sørdal : Moving Clouds

I thought I would share a song from Stein Roger Sørdal's (local hero from Kristiansand) album "In Fort Knox with a Penny" (2007) . He is a guitar player, vocalist and songwriter in his own band and also in the band Angel Motel. He also had Thursday concerts with other musicians in Kristiansand during the summer months last year. Yey! Well, he did last year anyway. I hope it will be repeated this year.

Stein Roger Sørdal : Moving Clouds

I also would like to share a couple of songs from a band called Green Carnation. This is a progressive rock/metal band from Kristiansand, Norway who had their first album made in 1990. The band has changed their type of musical genre several times during the years. Stein Roger was a guitar player and vocalist in the band for many years.

The songs below are more of the mellow type so just relax, have a cup of tea and let your tears out.

The first clip is from the concert "A Night Under The Dam" in Eikerapen. Anne Marie Almedal is a guest vocalist.

Here is the concert program for 2010 if you by any chance should be nearby (Eikerapen) : http://www.eikerapen.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=536&Itemid=327

Green Carnation: The Burden Is Mine

Green Carnation : Transparent Me

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