14 May 2010


We are heading towards spring here, though it seems to only be on the calendar. The wind is cold and the spring flowers are still inside the apartment.
There is hope though. We are in May and the national day is on the coming Monday. Every school will be participating in the parades with flags and songs, orchestras will be playing and the weather will be great. Yeah right! At least it is a day where we can eat as many hotdogs and ice creams as we want.....(don't tell me it applies to kids only!!!)

Here are some photos from previous summers from both the south and north of Norway.

Søgnefjorden, south, summer -04

Søgnefjorden - the red houses are just for boat equipment...I think...

Sjøhuset, Kristiansand (where we live) - a popular restaurant
Sørvågen,  north of Norway, summer -04, we stayed in one of the red "rorbu" on the right side of the picture.
The "rorbu" (cabin) was used by fishermen in older days when out fishing for several weeks and also the place where fishing equipment was stored.
These days they are renovated for tourists to stay in. Very popular and recommended.

Tromsø, north of Norway, summer -04
 We are going up to north of Tromsø in July for my cousin's wedding. Will be great fun!

The midnight sun. Didn't get through the sky but still beautiful.
Djupfjorden, north of Norway -04

Reinefjorden, north of Norway - 04
Happy national day! I assume you may see our flag on the harbour bridge on the 17th! Honk the horn and scream "HIPP HIPP HURRA" (and remember the part about hotdogs and ice creams)....

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