27 May 2010


While traveling the world, I sometimes end up testing new services within hair, skin and whatever else comes my way. I thought I better write about it....

In Spain I had my eyebrows bleached instead of colored darker...oooops....language problems I guess or maybe just assumptions from the hairdresser that blond hair = blond eyebrows.
Once I had my hair bleached at a school for hairdresser's in Auckland. I think the products were old fashion (and cheap) as they made the skull really, really sore. After the coloring, I had a tough head massage while tears were threatening to run down my face while smiling to the girls for the superb treatment and a wet back after the hair wash.... Another experience I guess. Bliss....Pampering....Yeah right...but the girls at the school were very sweet and loved the experience to bleach my hair. I guess it didn't happen too often (this is probably 10 years ago).

Yesterday, I came past a hairdresser using threads to remove facial hairs. I have only read about it before and never tried it. The alternative is to have a facial wax. I have never tried that either, so that would make it even more exciting. Yey!

The treatment itself doesn't hurt at all. Two treads are twined together and it is used to remove fine hair on the face. It takes about one hour, is quite reasonable (at least here in Norway) and coloring of the eyebrows may be included. The skin gets red and sensitive afterwards (but very soft), so have this treatment done on the way home (and not 5 minutes before a party). The redness is gone by the next day.


For more pictures and information, have a look here:  http://hairstyleschat.com/is-threading-hair-removal-for-you.html

The one on the left has overdone the threading. The other one hasn't tried it yet. He should.

Picture from: http://www.sesamestreet.org/onair/characters/bert

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