2 June 2010

A-ha's farwell tour

This may not be of interest for you, but I thought I would write about it anyway as this is their farewell tour in Europe and some of you may be here to reach a concert during the summer and autumn months.

A-ha is traveling around Europe, Japan and Russia performing their farewell concerts in several cities after 25 years as a band. How sad... On the 11th of September they will be here in Kristiansand and I really hope we are here to see it.

I found these pictures from their farewell concert in New York in May.
Photographer : Janne Møller-Hansen. Have a look: http://www.vg.no/lydbilder/forsiden/vis/id/313

...and here is their touring list: http://a-ha.com/tour/

and we also need a little starter. This is "Foot Of The Mountain" from their last album of the same name. The main and dessert will be at the concert...yum...

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