15 June 2010

Lovely Copenhagen

Last week we left for a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. Life had gone a bit quiet at home and the RC-44 cup was on in Copenhagen which meant catchup's with people we know and a bit of shopping and dining for us both.

Copenhagen is a great city...and I know you like to read the facts, so here we go:
Facts from http://www.visitcopenhagen.com/press/statistics_and_facts/about_copenhagen "Copenhagen, Denmark's capital and Scandinavia's liveliest city, lies within the Øresund Region, which encompasses Scania, on the Swedish side, and Zealand and the island of Bornholm on the Danish side. Copenhagen has a population of around 1.7 million; the Øresund Region has a total population of 3.664.000 million".

Christianshavns Kanal/Channel
As you can see, Copenhagen is big enough to get lost in and to do a bit of exploring.
It is approx. 10 years since we last time visited the city so we needed a bit of exploring (with the help of a map) to find the main street called Strøget and to get our bearings again.

Strøget (main pedestrian street) is the longest pedestrian street in Europe. A good advice is to have good walking shoes! The shops on Strøget are a mix of chain shops and high street fashion. Most of the chain shops we already have here in Kristiansand, but the good thing is that the good Danish brands that we love have a shop each in Copenhagen. So that means a superb selection!

There are no problems to find good restaurants in Copenhagen. You just have to walk the side streets of Strøget and there they are. We had both Indian, Mexican / Burgers and Beef (Hereford, we love you!).
The prices are not too bad - remember you are in Scandinavia now. A glass of wine is about half the price of what you can find in Norway. I also have to mention Nyhavn where you can find a street full of restaurants and a lovely view to the harbour. Sorry, we didn't get the time to try the restaurants at Nyhavn this time but the place is lovely.

We had a bit of rain during our days in Copenhagen, but it is really not a problem. The shops are great and you can use hours to explore the "Illums Bolig" which is a designer shop that have everything from glasswear, furniture, lamps, clothes and shoes. Have you ever heard about Arne Jacobsen's Egg chair? Well, you can test it here....we did.

Not heaps of pictures were taken. There were so much to look at and the weather was kind of wet. Here are some few anyway...

Inblik - a cute shop with interior and clothes - and a cute dog with a purple scarf inside it!

Window shopping at Inblik

Olive trees for sale at Strøget

More flowers and plants

Torvegade (by Knippelsbro / bridge). I was hunting for Efva Attling shop (Swedish jewelry desinger) I found it!

I had my lunch here. By Torvegade.

The Opera house

Cute juice car

View from Knippelsbroen/bridge

Another thing: People in Copenhagen are biking everywhere. The bike lanes are well done and you find them everwhere through the city. If you hear a little bell behind you, jump out of the bike lane fast! They won't ask you twice.
Many of the bikes are very colorful and the bikers are not dressed up in fancy sports clothes. The ladies are dressed in last fashion, in wellies (if it is raining) with colorful bike helmets and baskets decorated with flowers. All that is missing is the "smørrebrød" (Danish sandwiches) inside the baskets.
We are coming back!

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