27 September 2010

Baked to Last Eye Colour from Body Shop

I went to get my monthly refill of Olive Body Butter from Body Shop yesterday and was introduced to the new Baked to Last Eye Colours by a friendly and service minded shop assistant.
What a find. I am always a bit sceptical to too much shimmer on the eyes after the years have gone by, but this one seems to last and doesn't end up like a scary Alice Cooper look-a-like I take this back! The shimmer shadow does actually turn into a sweaty stripe after a long day at work. So be a bit careful where you use it on the eyelid if you have any lines (some call them wrinkles. I like lines better. Even wisdomlines will do). On the other hand, the dark shimmery shadow is excellent as an eyeliner. - And it still doesn't end up like powder on your cheeks either. Bliss.
So many choices, so little time.... Picture from www.bodyshop.no
The eye color contains two shadows, one pure mono and one darker with shimmer.
Well, I tested the no. 08 Amethyst one and the color is beautiful. It is quite funny to try to create the smokey look, but I'm going for quite a careful one...

Since the colour turns stronger after many layers, this can be used for work and for the big parties. It is up to you! Christmas party, bring it on!
Price NZD 35,-. Thanks to Mystery Shopper Mrs. M.

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