6 December 2010

A little taste of Auckland

I came by this beautiful presentation of Auckland on my search for medication for my travel bug.
Isn't it great?
A good mix of beaches, sea life, sailing, city life & restaurants and magnificent nature.
Where's my ticket?

All made by Tourism Auckland

I think you may be able to handle this one as well...

Great Barrier Island is a remote, tranquil and untouched paradise 90km north east of central Auckland. Located at the edge of the Hauraki Gulf, Great Barrier Island is one of the most unspoilt places you'll ever find. From tramping through native forest, to sea kayaking around coves and inlets, there are endless ways to explore this stunning adventurer's paradise.

Also featuring a look at the Medlands Fishing and Longboard Surfing Competitions on Great Barrier Island.

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