17 May 2011

Happy 17th!

You can pull a Weegie out of Weegieland, but you can't pull the Weegieland out of a Weegie...
Does it make any sense?

It is 17th of May and it is our national day in Norway. It is the day to celebrate our country, to get soaked in the rain, freeze our a** off (in new summer clothes in 10C), eat as much ice cream you can handle (in the cold), hot dogs (to heat up again) and to watch the celebration all around the country on NRK (Weegie telly).
A lovely day.

It is quite nice though. Especially to see the children and the national costumes. You won't see anything like it in other countries.
The day will also be celebrated by the ex-pats around the world. Even here in my garden. I have hung up an old flag from my school days. So here it is. I haven't forgotten it... Hip, hip hooray!!!

Tonight we are off to see Danny Bhoy so that will be our celebration of the day. Heaps of laughter and sore tummy muscles (or whatever is left there).
Happy 17th!

Here are some photos from the parade in 2007. It went past our apartment in Kristiansand, so it was just perfect to line up to take some photos.
This is a parade in the afternoon where everyone can join in. That's the reason you'll see orchestras, sport clubs and others in the parade. In the morning you can see children from pre school and primary schools around the town. You'll have to be there to see it (and to get all the ice cream).

The children's choir

Year 12 students - called "russ"

The Blues Band

The Piano Man

The University Band
See you next year?

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