17 July 2011

Tea for two

It has been another lovely "spring" day today, so garden work it was. The leaves had covered absolutely everything outside; our stamp sized lawn, veranda, driveway and backyard. We are not talking dainty little leaves. We are talking palm leaves which cover everything in a very short time - especially after I have removed them all.

This morning I had a look out the entree door and realised the perfect thing for the area would be a bench.
A bench to sit on in the morning sun enjoying a cup of tea, reading the newspaper while the huge leaves are dropping down on our lawn. So bench it is. The sun lounger was placed on the veranda, wet from all the rain yesterday. Didn't look like it had a great time, so I moved it to our entree door and voila! It is using a bit of space but at the moment it is perfect spot for it in the sun.

It is lunch time here. Guess where it will be spent?

No big news on the tomato, pepper, pea and mini carrots seeds. They are being monitored and as soon as they show a little sign of life, picture will come. The tulip bulbs, however, are thriving by the looks of it.
Soon we will also have our garden furniture ready in the backyard.
Enjoy the warm days.

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