20 July 2011

Oh la la in Newmarket

On the way through Newmarket today this great Glassons window popped up and I just had to get off the bus way too early to have a look. It colored the whole street with its French inspired exhibition and I have never seen so many people stopping up to take a closer look at a window exhibition before.

I took some photos before I went into the shop to tell them how great it looks.
Even the interior is quite cool in this shop. The fitting rooms are all in pink with big mirrors outside. In the shop there are a couch to rest in if it gets a bit "heated" during the sales.

Glasson can probably be compared to H&M and Zara. They have a good selection of reasonable fashion clothes, but I must say the shops are way more tidier than the Zara shops I have been visiting previously. Glassons collection is aimed at a younger audience, but more mature chicks can find a bargain here as well. :) That's why I love it!

What do you think? The spring collection has arrived and there are a lot of inspiration for the next few months. Couldn't be happier.

French inspired exhibition at Glassons


A place to rest

Fitting rooms

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