4 December 2011

House and garden *November*

We have already reached December month, but everything that has happened around the house was last month's hard work, so November update it is.

Where do we start? The garden has woken up and is blossoming all over the place. It is the first time for us to see the plants blossoming in our garden and I am very impressed by how fast it is growing and how beautiful it looks. Some of the plants are indoor plants back home in Norway or something "exotic" you would see during the holiday in Spain. These plants have demanded very little work from my side, apart from a little bit of trimming to keep them from taking over the place.

We have also had a "working bee" Saturday together with family and the neighbours. The hedge between our houses needed a big trim and so did the trees in our garden with the result we have more sun coming in...and we also got to know our neighbours a lot better. Just win/win then.

Star Jasmin in the back yard 

Bougainvillea - in free bloom. They are even lusher now....


The mini carrots and peas have done their duty. We got some few carrots, very small, but that was my fault as I didn't thin the plants enough. We got some peas as well. Tasted delicious and it is all gone now. The peas were attacked by some bug, so they were falling apart after a while. It was fun to try it anyway.

Some say tomatoes and others say tomatoes....haha.
They are getting bigger by the day. We are watering them every day to be sure they grow big and red.
We were a bit spoiled during our last summer in Norway when a little cherry tomato plant was feeding us with sweet tomatoes during the whole summer. This time we hope to have even more! Look at the size of the plants! Luckily, mother-in-law has lent us a plant rack for some much needed support for the plants. There are two types of tomatoes in the pot; cluster tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. I can't wait to start picking my own for the salads.

Last month's "newsletter" question about the name of the orange plants has been solved. They are called Clivia and mother-in-law had the answer.

We also have beetroots growing in the garden. They should be finished for Christmas and hopefully we will have delicious, sweet beetroots ready for the summer salads by then.

On the interior side, more exciting things have happened. New sofas were delivered a couple of weeks ago. They are made by a local carpenter called Nicholas Holloway and the shop is called QDF. We are very happy with the result. It fits right in with the rest of the house. (...and it is great fun to decorate the house our way).

The dining table was ready in last month's newsletter. The dining table lights were installed last night. No power connected yet as we need some help from an electrician, but you get the picture at least. They look like little diamond clusters. Just image when they are lit!

My darling handyman has had a visit with his magic toolbox again and this time he has made a wine rack that fits right into our IKEA shelf. It looks very smart. The little, shocked mouse is from the southern Norway's "bible belt" and does not approve of all the alcohol running in the house. Like we care anyway. Ha!

The mouse and the wine
The Christmas decorating has not really started - yet. I have plans of investing in a Christmas tree. It would be a plastic one. However, they are of very good quality here + hay fever and a real Christmas tree do not really go together very well. Let's leave it at that. I did send some decorations down when we moved, but it feels a bit early yet. It is just me though. From time to time, I forget that Christmas is coming close as we have summer here. It is very nice, but a bit different.

Our outdoor lights were lit in the back yard last night. I think it looks really cosy.

All outdoor lights from Norway.

...and this was all the news from November month....and yes, we do have more plans...
I guess there is a limit how much we can reach to have done before the Christmas holiday is starting and there are no reasons to stress anyway.

Have a lovely Christmas time (and remember it is possible to leave a comment - you can be anonymous if you like). Always good to hear from you. :)

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