19 February 2012

House and garden *January*

Hello to you all!

As usual I am a bit slow with my house and garden updates, but as the summer finally has arrived the time is running away to do other things. Very sorry :)

Anyway, here are the last news:

The garden is growing as ever before. Some plants have lost its flowers (ex. bougainvillea plants) and some have had their second blossoming. I cut the tomato plants down quite a bit a few weeks back and thought I had killed it. This also made the access to the tomatoes for the birds a lot easier. Clever little things! However, it made the plants grow even taller and wider and the tomatoes are having a second harvesting. Good fun. The tomatoes are deliciously sweet and are mainly used for salads.

The tomato plants are taller than me now!
Red and sweet

The lettuces are still growing. We have had a second planting of some as we ate them all. The Mesculin is the biggest one and I sometimes have to cut off old leaves as we obviously don't eat it fast enough.

Mesculin lettuce

The beautiful Morris & James ceramic pot I got in April, has finally gotten a plant in it. This is the same plant (Corokia "Chocolate Frosted") that we received from the bank when we moved in here.
It has grown a lot bigger and is thriving nicely by the entrance door.
I imagine some fairy lights would look good here...hehe

Thriving is my first name

The hobby room has gotten a new hobby table. My darling handyman has used our old dining table (sorry, haven't gotten any old pictures of it), cut it in a suitable size, polished and varnished it and voila!.
It is now as good as new. Now I just have to get back into beading again. It has been months and I do miss it.

Ready for beading!

Last but not least. My dear handyman has made a shower curtain for our second bathroom from used sail cloths, got it fitted to the old shower, set up a pulley so the shower curtain is totally closed off on both the top and bottom so it doesn't cling to your body while showering (if it makes any sense).
It is hard to get a proper picture of it, but I hope you get the idea.

Shower curtain
Pull to close and let go when finished

This was all for now.
Hope all is well with you all. We are enjoying the height of summer and can't get enough of the sun and heat.
Take care.
Cheers :)

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